Maldives 4-star water villa with half board for US$290/night per couple

SafariIslandAerialThe cheapest months of the year in the Maldives are starting to wind down, but there are still some amazing deals out there if you know where to look. This week we are featuring a resort that only opened in April, so it's offering shockingly low rates to help it compete with the more established resorts that have so many return guests each year.

Specifically I'm talking at the Safari Island Resort and Spa, which is a smaller island featuring only 84 total villas. Among those are 15 Semi-Overwater Bungalows (just at the lagoon's edge), 39 Overwater Bungalows, and 30 Beach Bungalows. The Semi-Overwater Bungalows right now are going for an amazing US$239 per night per couple with breakfast and dinner included, while the fully overwater bungalows are only US$290 per night also with half board.

The Deal

An Overwater Bungalow at the Safari Island Resort and Spa in the Maldives for only US$290 per night (plus tax and service) for two people including breakfast and dinner daily.

The Details

This promotion is only available on our booking partner,, and it includes free cancellation. The rate is available for selected dates in July and August, but you should check your own dates on the Agoda page for the Safari Island for up to date availability.

A new resort with amazing opening rates

SafariIslandOverwaterBungalowSince this is a new resort it's not so easy to give it a blanket recommendation, although the early reviews are solid and very encouraging. So to be honest, the reason you might choose this one is that they seem to be offering crazy low rates to try to fill up in their first low season. Their high season rates for the upcoming winter are about double these rates, and that is probably a more realistic level considering what is on offer here.

The Semi-Overwater Bungalows might be of special interest to anyone who didn't think they could afford a proper water villa. For only US$239 per night for two people with breakfast and dinner included, this is one of the lowest rates you'll find at a 4-star private-island resort in the Maldives, and you can swim below your room.

Glass bottom table in your room

SafariIslandOBinteriorAt these rates you might expect a discounted experience, but from the looks of it this is just a new resort that totally deserves its four stars. Each room has a kingsize bed, luxury bamboo furniture, a private sun deck, and a large bathroom with separate tub and shower.

Each bungalow also has a glass-bottom table in the room so you can observe the sea life below your room, even at night. This is a very popular feature that first started in the South Pacific and isn't available at all Maldives resorts. A year from now these same water villas are likely to cost perhaps 50% more, so this is probably your only chance to book them at this rate ever.

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