With 16 water villas and 90 beach rooms, the Embudu Village Resort is known for offering value for those who prefer not to spend far more on a 4- or 5-star hotel. What you'll find is that the water villas here aren't like the stand-alone bungalows that you'll see at most Maldives resorts, as these are in groups of 4 (so each one has one or two neighbors sharing walls), and are also found perched just off the island's edge.

You'll also noticed that there is a limited number of activities here, and only one restaurant and bar, which offer all-inclusive packages at very low prices. Those who are looking for a cheap water villa in the Maldives will find good value here, as long as they aren't expecting the luxury that usually comes when you spend double or triple this price. It's probably not ideal for a honeymoon either, but the resort should work well for families and groups.

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Reviews for the Embudu Village Resort are mostly quite positive, although everyone seems to have arrived with lowered expectations, as this is a 3-star hotel and one of the cheapest in the Maldives. Most guests were quite happy with the snorkeling and the food in the buffet restaurant.


Some reviews mention that the rooms seem outdated, though recent ones have said that some of the resort has just been renovated as of 2011. Generally, the resort seems to offer great value and has satisfied customers, and it could work well for those looking for a small resort on a limited budget.

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