About OverwaterBungalows.net

The ultimate resource for every overwater bungalow and water villa resort in the world, overwaterbungalows.net was created to assist those who want to stay in one of these magical rooms, by listing every single property in the world that has them.

From a single unit at a private-island resort in Belize to the astonishing 600 overwater bungalows at a new resort in Malaysia, we list them all and provide all the photos and details you need to choose the perfect resort for your holiday.

About Roger Wade: Founder and editor

I've been a full-time travel writer since 2007 and my fascination with overwater bungalows and water villas begun the moment I saw the very first photo of one. For feature stories early in my career I began researching to find where these magnificent resorts are located around the world, and there were no resources at all. The frustration led to what seemed like a business opportunity, so in early 2011 I launched this site.

When I came up with the idea I was guessing that there were perhaps 30 of these resorts in the world. Little did I know at the time that the Maldives itself already had about 60 and there were at least 40 others in the South Pacific and elsewhere. The count of resorts is now above 165, as more open or add these overwater rooms each year.

Originally from Los Angeles, now I travel the world as a travel writer and website editor, visiting as many overwater bungalows as I can. I've been to the South Pacific, Maldives, Malaysia, and the Caribbean. I also am the founder and editor of the budget-travel website priceoftravel.com.