Almost all of the overwater bungalow and water villa resorts are concentrated in just a few small areas in the Tropics. This site was created specifically to list every single overwater resort in the world, and many find it disappointing that nearly all of them are clustered in a few small areas, which are also quite remote as well.

However, there are a few stray resorts that are located outside of those main clusters, and we'll list them all here below. At the moment you could count them easily on just one hand, but with the popularity of these resorts increasing so much lately, it seems certain that more will be opening soon, and we'll list those here as well.

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Overwater bungalows in Europe

Europe is not known for its overwater resorts, but there are two options you’ll want to look into.

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Hotel Palafitte – Switzerland

  • Water villas: 24
  • Total rooms/suites: 40


Calling them “water pavilions,” this is a 5-star deluxe hotel with rooms starting at around US$504 per night.


There are extensive business facilities in addition to the luxury rooms, so this resort seems to be as popular for executive corporate meetings as it is for honeymoons and other romantic retreats.


And while they may resemble shipping containers on the outside, things are pure elegance inside, with a high-end entertainment system and lots of pampering amenities.

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Clawford Lakes Resort and Spa

  • Water villas: 6
  • Total rooms/suites:


A great choice for those looking to enjoy a fishing destination in the countryside, the Clawford Lakes Resort and Spa offers lakeside suites with little extras. In fact, when staying here, not only will you be able to enjoy fishing at the area lakes, but right off of your personal and private villa deck, as well.

You’ll also want to note that this particular resort allows dogs on-site, meaning that your four legged family member can vacation alongside you. No matter who you choose to travel with, you’ll find relaxation as well with a TV in each villa, as well as a sitting area.


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Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa – Greece

With rooms that open up over a swimming pool, the Stella Island Luxury Resort & Spa offers adults a kid free vacation with all the bells and whistles. Here you’ll find an ample amount of choices, from dining options, to on-site spa treatments, to places to see and things to do around the resort on the island of Crete.


If you’re interested in a vacation stay that includes an all-inclusive package, you’ll be delighted to know that the resort offers one, making it a favorite of many.

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Overwater bungalows in Kenya, Africa

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The Sands at Chale Island – Kenya

  • Water villas: 2
  • Total rooms/suites: 60


A unique resort nestled within an indigenous ancient forest, creating an oasis for nature lovers, The Sands at Chale Island is a mid size resort offering 2 overwater rooms for guests to enjoy. These two rooms are quite large in size and feature Wi-Fi, room service, a kingsize bed, a separate living room, direct lagoon access and various views including one of Bird Island.


In addition to dining options and a spa, guests will find kayaking, a glass bottom boat, sailing, a gift shop, a few different pools and a sixteen seater jacuzzi. When booking your stay here, you can choose either to just book your room or you can choose the all-inclusive option.

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Overwater bungalows in Namibia, Africa

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Chobe Water Villas – Namibia

  • Water villas: 16
  • Total rooms/suites: 16


A small resort housing 16 partially overwater rooms located on a river overlooking the Chobe National Park, the Chobe Water Villas in Namibia, Africa are a great choice for wildlife photographers. Here you’ll not only find handsome rooms dripping in detail, but a vast amount of elephants and other African wildlife just beyond your room. Wildlife safaris are plentiful here and the resort is known for doing a great job setting them up for you.


The rooms themselves offer Wi-Fi, room service, both a front and rear balcony, sunset views, a stocked mini bar and floor to ceiling glass doors that offer impressive views of the plains. Though you are only a short distance away from town, you’ll find that there is no need to venture out for a meal as the resort plays host to both a restaurant and a bar. This resort, though it does not feature a spa, is still a great choice for romantic couples looking for an adventurous vacation.

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Overwater bungalows in Mozambique, southern Africa

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Flamingo Bay Water Lodge – Mozambique

  • Water villas: 20
  • Total rooms/suites: 20


Due to a fire that spread through the property, this resort is no longer open and booking is no longer available.


The only resort of its kind on continental Africa, the Flamingo Bay Water Lodge in Mozambique has 20 water villas set out over a mangrove lagoon. The villas are large and air conditioned, but otherwise they are built to match the theme and surroundings with local materials and decorations. There is scuba diving and other water sports available, as well as fishing, ocean safaris, and many other interesting and unique activities nearby.


The restaurant here specializes in seafood, though it has non-seafood items as well, and there is also a lounge and swimming pool in the common area at the edge of the lagoon. The Flamingo Bay Lodge is popular with South Africans as well as those visiting the continent for safaris and other trips, and who want something special and a bit of pampering at the same time.

>More information about the Flamingo Bay Water Lodge – Mozambique

Overwater bungalows in Egypt

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Panorama Bungalows El Gouna – Egypt

  • Water villas: 13
  • Total rooms/suites: 169


A 4-star resort, the Panorama Bungalows El Gouna is a great choice for those who like lots of options and for those who plan to travel with kids of all ages. In fact, this resort features a handful of pool choices, one designed for children as well as a private beach, a wellness center and several dining choices. Nearby, guests will find a golf club, water sports of all kinds and much, much more.


For those looking to stay over the water, there are 13 different rooms available. Each of these rooms feature either a kingsize or 2 twin sized beds, an entertainment system with Wi-Fi, room service, a mini bar, a mini fridge and a private bathroom featuring both a shower and a bathtub. Guests will also find a few extras like an air conditioner, central heating and a tea making area, great for a cup of in room morning tea.

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Overwater bungalows in Mauritius (off Africa)

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Constance Le Prince Maurice – Mauritius

  • Water villas: 11
  • Total rooms/suites: 89


Especially popular with French-speaking guests, the Constance Le Prince Maurice is a premier resort on the east coast of Mauritius. It has 11 water villas and 78 rooms on land, so this isn’t quite like the resorts in the Maldives where most or all of it is on stilts. The 8 Overwater Junior Suites are large and very good value, while the 3 Overwater Villas are huge and luxurious.


It’s also worth noting that the water villas at the Constance Le Prince Maurice are on stilts over a fish sanctuary so there’s no swimming allowed directly below them. The views are still gorgeous though, and the resort has a long list of restaurants, bars, and included activities for all guests, so it’s popular with romantic couples as well as those in search of an active holiday.

>More information about the Constance Le Prince Maurice – Mauritius

Where to find the rest of the overwater bungalows and water villas

Aside from these outliers, over 95% of the world’s overwater bungalow resorts are located in just a few parts of the world. We’ll list them below just to save you time.


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