A small resort located on a river in Namibia, Africa, the Chobe Water Villas Resort is perfect for wildlife lovers who are looking for a place to stay that combines luxury and adventure all in one. Due to the resort's location next to the Chobe National Park, you'll find a large number of different species to view and photograph during your stay, particularly elephants. You'll also find 16 overwater rooms that are gently perched on the edge of the Chobe River. Though these rooms aren't what you would normally think of as overwater villas as they aren't not completely located over the water, they still offer a partially overwater experience.

These large rooms feature both a front and rear deck, each offering stunning views of the natural landscape. Within the rooms you'll find custom made furniture, indigenous textiles and glass doors that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. In addition you'll find a mini bar and coffee making area. Room service and Wi-Fi are also included in each stay. Outside of the rooms you'll find a restaurant and a bar, a library and a pool. Though the nightly rate may be more than some budgets will allow, if you have the money, this resort is a great choice.

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Most of the reviews are quite positive, though there are a few complaints here and there. Mostly, guests are a bit unnerved by the large amount of bugs in their room. Other guests said that they knew there would be creepy crawlers during the night and therefore they really don’t bother them. Positives within the resort include a great staff, nicely designed rooms, good food and lots of elephant viewing opportunities. If you’re looking for a resort that allows for plentiful wildlife viewing, then you’ll want to strongly consider this one.

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