A fisherman's paradise in the English countryside, the Clawford Lakes Resort and Spa offers guests a different experience than most with fishing right off of the private deck of a floating room. In addition to fishing straight from your room, guests will find several other property lakes to fish at, all of which produce large bounties.

The pet friendly overwater rooms here offer guests floor to ceiling views of both the deck and the lake beyond, along with a camping style kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and full bathroom with a shower. The living room in each pod also invites with a TV, great for those moments when you're not fishing.

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Reviews for this resort are very positive with guests frequently speaking about how friendly the staff members are, how delicious the food is, and how clean the resort is through and through, from the rooms to the walkways themselves.


In fact, a few guests have noted how big the plates of food are here, meaning that if you enjoy smaller portions, you’ll be in for a surprise. If fishing is why you’re interested in visiting, then you’ll be happy to hear about the raving reviews the fishing gets here, with the lakes being completely stocked.