An all-inclusive resort that details itself as the first truly all-inclusive resort in the Maldives, the Kudadoo Maldives Private Island Resort is a resort that prides itself on comfort, sustainability, and luxury wrapped into one pretty island package. A smaller resort with only 15 overwater rooms, guests here will find privacy, luxury amenities, and a very long list of things to do and see, both in the resort and nearby.

As a guest of this resort, you'll find that not only is everything taken care of for you, but that your well being is of upmost concern. This means meals that best serve you, in-villa comforts that make you feel at home, and resort staff that welcome at every turn. This resort is also focused very heavily on the local environment, and its well being. All throughout, you'll find solar cells that power the resort, sustainable building materials, amenities, and food. You'll also find that the resort uses glass water bottles instead of the standard plastic.

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ABOUT THE Kudadoo Maldives Private Island Resort


15 Rooms/villas/suites

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Currently, as the resort has just opened, there aren’t many reviews to look into. With that said, the reviews that are in place are very positive, which is a great start to a new resort. Once more become available, we’ll update this section to reflect the views (good and bad) of guests that have recently stayed at this resort.

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