An all-inclusive resort, the Cora Cora Maldives Resort caters to both an adults only vacation and those who are traveling with younger family members. Here, everyone will be able to start their day with a complimentary breakfast and morning coffee. Throughout the rest of the day, guests will find that they are privy to a number of restaurant choices, all with wonderful views of the beach and ocean beyond. They'll also find a fitness center, spa with overwater treatment rooms, lots of great outdoor activities and cruises, and a large outdoor pool to relax in.

As far as the overwater villas are concerned, there are a few different types to choose from, with some offering a private pool. All of these villas offer views of the ocean, ample walking space, luxurious bathrooms, and private decks. If you don't want to eat at one of the restaurants for every meal, room service can easily be arranged.

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When looking through the reviews for the Cora Cora Maldives Resort, we found that the word exceptional was used over and over again. In fact, many guests were very impressed with the check in process, which involves much more than just sending you to your room. Here, the resort staff take you on a small tour of the resort, showcasing where every amenity is, along with another small tour of your villa.


The food here also receives top notch remarks with praise particularly given to the variety of restaurant choices and how each one offered a great selection of plates and drinks. The sunset cruise was also throughly enjoyed by guests and is one that they highly recommend to others visiting.