Overwater resorts are known for their classy, top notch design as well as luxury standards. Though this is true for most, there are a few that take amenities to the next level with unexpected features that add an extra touch to each villa.

Many resorts in the Maldives specialize in private bathrooms or private wooden terraces that offer stairs into the ocean or lagoon below but there are only a few that offer private, enjoyable jacuzzis designed for one or two. These jacuzzis can be found either inside the villa or right on the terrace, offering gorgeous views of the ocean and sky from the luxury of a relaxing dip. Below you'll find a list of the 9 best resorts for a jacuzzi experience, including some with surprisingly affordable nightly rates. All the resorts below offer dining options, water activities, spacious rooms and great reviews.

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Maldives water villas with jacuzzis

There are many ways to enjoy the water in the Maldives, whether it be an ocean swim, water sport, dip in the swimming pool or fishing excursion. All of these are typical of overwater resorts in the Maldives, making the country a fantastic destination for ocean and water lovers. However, water villas with jacuzzis offer a little more for guests. Due to a strong love for jacuzzi nights, water villas with jacuzzis tend to book up rather quickly, making it necessary to plan your travel plans early in order to secure one of these rooms.

Best Maldives water villas with jacuzzis

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo – Maldives

  • Water villas: 50
  • Total rooms/suites: 50


Serving as a private island escape surrounded by reefs on all sides, the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo resort is a smaller sized accommodation option well suited for those seeking a relaxing island experience mixed with adventurous fun. Here guests will find the utmost in luxury alongside views of a lifetime.


Each of the 50 rooms feature an entertainment system, kingsized bed, mini bar, tea and coffee making area and a 24 hour butler service. In addition, guests will find a glass floor section offering great views of the sea below without the need to get wet. For those looking to relax in freshwater, both a jacuzzi and personal plunge pool is available with each room. The resort caters further with dining, shopping and activity options and has proven itself time and time again with positive guest reviews.


  • Low season online specials from US$875 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,046 per night
>More information about the Adaaran Prestige Vadoo – Maldives >Check rates

Robinson Club Maldives

  • Water villas: 25
  • Total rooms/suites: 101


A larger sized resort, Robinson Club Maldives features 25 suites placed over the water, each large in size with many amenities, including a private jacuzzi. Also found in each room is an entertainment system, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and room service.


Guests will also find plenty of activity choices including scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, surfing and beach volleyball. The WellFit spa on-site also offers an assortment of treatments, relaxation and massages. With great reviews outlining the resort’s dishes, service and the views from each room, it’s easy to see why this resort has become such a popular one.


  • Low season online specials from US$450 per night
  • High season online specials from US$620 per night
>More information about the Robinson Club Maldives >Check rates

Kandolhu Island Resort – Maldives

  • Water villas: 11
  • Total rooms/suites: 11


Offering first class service, the Kandolhu Island Resort is a great choice for those who don’t mind paying a handsome fee for luxury. Along with other top notch amenities, this resort grants guests access to a spa featuring a variety of treatments and massages, fishing, cruises, snorkeling and great scuba diving around the island. In addition, guests will find their choice of restaurants as well as a bar that can be enjoyed throughout the day.


Rooms are bright and airy with wooden floors and soft accents. Each includes a mini bar, daybed, kingsized bed, 24 hour room service, air conditioning, a sun deck complete with sun loungers and a wonderful jacuzzi to enjoy.  With great snorkeling, staff, rooms and amenities, this resort regularly receives high praise and repeat guests, making it a great choice to consider.


  • Low season online specials from US$1,591 per night
  • High season online specials from US$2,011 per night
>More information about the Kandolhu Island Resort – Maldives >Check rates

Huvafen Fushi Maldives

  • Water villas: 26
  • Total rooms/suites: 43


Though small in size, the Huvafen Fushi Maldives offers large over the water rooms as well as a large staff to take care of your every need. Here guests will find 5-star luxury with picture perfect views and activities. Room wise, each comes with an oversize jacuzzi, a living room, entertainment system, oversize king bed, Wi-Fi and 24 hour room service.


Snorkeling and scuba diving are just a few of the activities that can be enjoyed here as there is also an outdoor saltwater flotation pool and a water sports center. Other services include a spa, dining options, a library and a gym. Reviews are very pleasant indeed with most detailing how they fell in love with the resort and wished not to leave. If you can afford the nightly rates, this should be a top choice.


  • Low season online specials from US$1,634 per night
  • High season online specials from US$2,021 per night
>More information about the Huvafen Fushi Maldives >Check rates

Veligandu Island Resort – Maldives

  • Water villas: 64
  • Total rooms/suites: 76


With most rooms over the water, the Veligandu Island Resort is perfect for those seeking a private island experience that’s modestly priced in comparison to others nearby. In fact, this resort is known for seeing a large amount of return guests, which helps to speak about the resort’s high quality. Here visitors will find activities suitable for both adults and children, making it rather versatile. Families will find a children’s pool while adults will find a lovely on-site spa.


Rooms vary in size with the jacuzzi water villas rather large and airy. These villas feature a private walled in outdoor area with a jacuzzi large enough for two, a wooden sundeck, stairs into the sea, a stocked mini bar, entertainment system and much more. Great reviews surrounded this resort with both adults and kids finding it to be a great stay.


  • Low season online specials from US$703 per night
  • High season online specials from US$842 per night




>More information about the Veligandu Island Resort – Maldives >Check rates

Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa – Maldives

  • Water villas: 60
  • Total rooms/suites: 164


Part of a larger resort group, the Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa is a medium sized resort with half of its rooms being over the water. A private island experience, guests will find plenty of privacy and as well as lots to do with a long list of water activities. Some of the more popular activities include snorkeling, wake boarding and water skiing. Though the resort is mainly for the romantically inclined, families do sometimes stay here and there is a children’s pool on-site to accommodate them.


There are a number of different types of water villas with all of them featuring an en-suite bathroom with a bathtub, an entertainment system, room service and a 4-poster kingsize bed. Perhaps the most popular of the overwater villas are the jacuzzi water villas that feature a lovely private sundeck complete with a jacuzzi with a view. Like the others on this list, reviews are very good.


  • Low season online specials from US$432 per night
  • High season online specials from US$593 per night
>More information about the Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa – Maldives >Check rates

Bandos Island Resort & Spa – Maldives

  • Water villas: 2
  • Total rooms/suites: 225


Though a very large resort, the Bandos Island Resort & Spa only sports two water villas, making for a very private over the water experience. In both of these rooms, guests will find an entertainment system, room service, a 4-poster kingsize bed and 2 extra beds. In addition, guests will find a private sun deck with steps into the ocean and a modernly designed bathroom with a jacuzzi.


Outside of the rooms guests will find plenty to keep them busy with a spa, karaoke, tennis courts, beach volleyball, aerobics, dining options, snorkeling, scuba diving and an extensive list of enjoyable and exciting water sport activities. With great prices for both the food and rooms, this is a good choice for those who are looking for a luxury resort without the high price tag.


  • Low season online specials from US$746 per night
  • High season online specials from US$920 per night
>More information about the Bandos Island Resort & Spa – Maldives >Check rates

Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa All-Inclusive – Maldives

  • Water villas: 62
  • Total rooms/suites: 104


The all-inclusive option on this list, the Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa All-Inclusive features 62 rooms all together with 42 of those being placed over the water. Noted as a popular 4-star choice with rates that average around the $1,000 mark, this is a great choice for those who love the idea of spending their vacation participating in an array of water activities. Here guests will find a diver and water sports center introducing you to sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and windsurfing among a few others. After a day of water enjoyment, guests will find a full service spa to relax their tired muscles.


Glamours rooms include a jacuzzi spa, Wi-Fi, a mini bar, individually controlled air conditioning, a living room, full bathroom, entertainment system and a furnished terrace. Past guests rave about this resort, citing great service, rooms and activities, making this resort a clear winner.


  • Low season online specials from US$887 per night
  • High season online specials from US$888 per night
>More information about the Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa All-Inclusive – Maldives >Check rates

Lily Beach Resort And Spa – Maldives All inclusive

  • Water villas: 56
  • Total rooms/suites: 119


Featuring an assortment of over the water villas ranging from completely over the water rooms to partially placed lagoon rooms, the Lily Beach Resort And Spa is a 5-star private island resort catering to those seeking the finer things in life. Here you’ll find a luxury setting perfect for honeymooning couples as well as romantically joined individuals. This resort also specializes in both all-inclusive food and drink packages, which is sought out by many. In addition, guests will find family and group friendly activities and amenities, truly making this resort enjoyable and accessible for all types of travelers.


Rooms come with a large TV, room service, air conditioning, a king size 4 poster bed and a jacuzzi to enjoy. You’ll also find rooms to be classic in design with wooden floors and soft colored walls. Overwater villa reviews are quite good with many feeling that they are well worth the money.


  • Low season online specials from US$1,223 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,314 per night
>More information about the Lily Beach Resort And Spa – Maldives All inclusive >Check rates
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  1. Without a travel agent you are on your own!!! a total misconception
    that agents are a lot more expensive than online. What happens if something goes wrong the computer wont help but an agent will –
    do a bit more research to the original writer and i only hope you
    never need assistance apart from a computer to get you out of a situation!!!!!

    1. Roz,

      If I was a travel agent I’m sure I’d feel the same way. But the fact is that things don’t go wrong very often and even when they do it’s usually easy to fix as long as you deal with legit companies and resorts. For someone who has an extremely low risk tolerance travel agents are probably a great idea. For everyone else, it’s probably not worth it. -Roger

  2. There is so much more to a travel agent than just booking the trip. Yesterday I spend 1/2 my day changing a client’s flights and hotel reservations because her son suddenly got sick during the trip. Last weekend I had 2 sets of clients miss their flights so I spent my time accommodating and reassuring them, while they relaxed at the airport lounge. When a traveler is on vacation, unexpected things can happen. Emergencies can arise. A travel agent can handle all of this for them, so they can focus on their sick child, or whatever the case may be. "In all fairness", you are right. They may not NEED a travel agent for the booking process, but when the unexpected arises, they will need us then! And as the others have said, pricing is almost always the same whether you book online, or with an agent. We also have access to most all the same hotels as online…. plus the extra consortia perks, as Gabrielle mentioned.

  3. I have to agree with others that this article is just not true of what Travel Professionals truly offer a client. Most Travel Professionals don’t charge planning and booking fees. They often offer a low price guarantee and price match if they need to. Many Travel Professionals who do charge a planning or booking fee often apply it towards your balance and/or the tips and money they save you are far more than any planning or booking fee they may charge.

    Booking through a website (just a computer and not a true travel professional) is not a great option. Nobody is asking you the right questions to fit you to the best resorts/flights or council you on the merits of this and that because it’s a computer…..You can’t just go by the pretty pictures on the internet. We say "The Internet is for looking and not booking"

    Each resort has a different vibe, you need to be personally matched to the best accommodations out there that will fit you both because there are so many resort/flight/room choices out there and they’re not all the same or even good. There’s much to think about and consider when picking the right destination, travel dates-weather, resorts/flights/rooms.

    The question that you should ask yourself is, "Why would you take a chance on your Travel Investment and not call a Travel Professional" One whose actually been to the destination with hands on advice? A real reputable Travel Professional wants to talk to you or at least email you and not just put a website out there for you to self-book on while they try to make money on you while they sleep with website bookings that they’re making full commission on, that’s what they don’t want to tell you.

    Trying to talk potential clients out of booking with real Travel Professionals when you’re acting as an "absent" travel agent on a website and doing very little for the client in reality is ironic.
    I feel like this website/article attacks true Travel Professionals in an underhanded way so I will speak the real truth here.

    There are many Travel Professionals who highly specialize in Over Water Bungalows throughout the world, they’ve been to many of these resorts themselves so they have value in their knowledge and have professional relationships with resort owners, management and ground operators. Travel Professionals provide a wonderful service to you and that’s what its truly all about besides offering you some of the lowest prices with price drop guarantees and a host of many other perks!

    1. Heather,

      If I was a travel agent I’m sure I’d feel the same way you do. The point of the article is that savvy travelers (not necessarily first-time travelers) CAN book a Maldives holiday online and still get the exact same VIP experience that other visitors get. Websites like Agoda also book far more resorts than any offline travel agent does, so consumers get more choice. And many resorts do in fact offer lower prices when you book online.

      Some travelers are fussy and require hand-holding and make mistakes and want to make changes. It’s great that you are there for those types of travelers. But there is also a misconception that you NEED to use an offline travel agent to book a Maldives holiday and that’s definitely not true. Thanks for your passion and for all the help you give to those who need you. -Roger

  4. Hi there,
    With respect, I find the information in this article to be largely untrue. Travel agents work with all resorts (and even some B & B’s). They also have buying power and can secure better rates than what is seen online in a lot of cases. I think there is a real misconception out there from people who have only really ever booked online but really, there is a missed value, both monetary and experiential that goes with booking online. Also, many agents are part of a consortium that for example, will provide complimentary meals, complimentary nights, etc, whereas booking online you don’t get these kinds of things. Just my 2 cents anyway!

  5. disagree most of it!, i’ve always secured better deals from travel agents in the UK. Some of them offer upgrades, lounge access which were helpful. And most importantly we need ATOL protection for our whole booking which is only provided by the UK tour operators. This protects our flights all transfers and the resort booking. In any emergency we have the ATOL protection to bail us out.
    If you are not a fussy customer who wouldn’t mind ending up in a room that don’t wish to be, then booking from any other source is fine.
    Anyways, these are my thoughts. Hope you will publish this.

    1. Ryan,

      You make some good points and I guess each person has their own risk tolerance level. These days it’s common for purchases on many Visas and Mastercards to automatically have this kind of coverage, and you can buy travel insurance to cover it as well. Still, many people prefer a traditional high-street travel agent. My main point is that you don’t NEED a travel agent to book an ideal Maldives holiday because the online booking process is now so well organized and you don’t need any hand-holding once you land. Thanks for the comments. -Roger