This year so far has been engulfed in chaos, with popular travel destinations closing right and left due to Covid-19. However, borders here and there are starting to gently open up, many with travel restrictions still in place. The Maldives has decided to take a different, yet exciting, approach and open up the entire county to visitors and travel starting in July. At the moment, there are no reports of an exact opening date within July, just that the country will open sometime during the month.

So if you are itching to get back out into the world and travel again, but are still nervous about being within large groups of people, a vacation in an overwater bungalow would make sense. You can read more about that, and more, below.

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What entering the Maldives will look like

When the Ministry of Tourism for the Maldives started talking to the public about reopening last month, they initially said that travelers would need a medical certificate that confirms a negative Covid-19 test. The nation has since changed its mind and instead is allowing visitors back without any type of restriction. In addition, travelers won’t have to pay any additional fees or face new visa requirements. What all of this means is that you can freely fly into the Male International Airport and then freely move around the islands and to your chosen resort.

Essentially, travel within the country will look like it did before the pandemic began. This means you’ll be able to enjoy not only traveling to the different islands within the Maldives, but also enjoy ocean activities, dining in or out of your room, and the beach if the island you’re staying on has one.

Is staying in an overwater villa safe

When you look into what an Maldives overwater villa is, you’ll notice that each one offers a private entry and a private back deck, along with a space of ocean in between, which you can see in the picture above. Some even offer a private entryway into the ocean below via a set of stairs that flow from your private terrace directly into the water. You’ll also find that most villa stays include room service. This is great if you are still apprehensive about eating in the same dining area as other travelers. Because you can easily keep your distance from both staff members and other visitors, staying in an overwater villa is much safer than staying in a large single building resort or hotel.

In addition, the local government is now issuing ‘safe tourism resort licenses’ to resorts that meet the criteria needed. This means that resorts will have to meet the requirements established for cleanliness training, have a medic on call, have a certain amount of personal protection equipment in stock, and allocate 10 percent of resort rooms and resort staff for guests who are in quarantine.

Choosing your overwater resort

Though you may want to just look at the resorts who have acquired the accreditation mentioned above, there are lots of resorts within the nation to choose from that offer a high amount of privacy and make it very easy to keep to yourself and stay away from crowds while enjoying your vacation in paradise. For complete lists of the resorts within the Maldives based on nightly rate, click on the links listed down below:


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  1. Hello I love in Saint Petersburg Florida and I would love to get one of these for the week or the weekend I’m planning a wedding anniversary for me and my husband can you please give me more information on the cost

    1. Crystal,

      The advertised room rates are mentioned in the article, and there are booking links to the best place to book each of the resorts as well. You’ll get the most accurate information by clicking on those. -Roger