Itself as the Maldives' second-ever island resort, the Bandos Island Resort & Spa has 225 rooms and suites, only two of which are water villas. The location very close (but not too close) to the main airport means that guests will be in their rooms in less than 30 minutes after climbing in the speedboat at the airport, which could be a big plus for some.

The water villas here are quite large and luxurious, and they are by far the most expensive accommodations on the island. This is a family-oriented resort with a long list of activities, including excellent diving and snorkeling in the house reef. Families or groups who want a water villa along with one or more affordable beach rooms should be happy here, but it's probably not ideal for honeymooners.

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Reviews for the Bandos Island Resort & Spa are generally positive, but not as solidly so as many other resorts in the area. This is a relatively large resort that is popular with families, so almost all guests are paying significantly less than those who stay in the water villas. The snorkeling and diving here get high marks, as does the food.


Some guests mention that the food and other things at the resort are expensive, but in fact the food and drinks here are among the cheapest in the Maldives, so it’s more a matter of people not being prepared for the price levels here. For families who want to stay in a water villa, this resort seems like a good choice, but with 223 beach rooms mixed in with the 2 water villas, it’s important to realize that you’ll be in by far the best rooms on the island. With all this said, it’s important to also note that many guests return for second or third stays, meaning that this resort pleases enough for it to be chosen above others.

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