With a total of 76 villas, 64 of which are located over the water, the Veligandu Island Resort is a 5-star private-island resort with a great reputation and many return guests. It primarily offers all-inclusive meal packages, as well as upgrades that include alcohol and other extras, yet it's among the more affordable resorts in the Maldives.

Perfect for a honeymoon or any other kind of romantic retreat, the Veligandu Island Resort also has some family facilities so it's more versatile than some of the smaller islands. Those seeking a paradise-like tropical island holiday, but don't have unlimited funds, should find this to be an ideal choice.

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Reviews for the Veligandu Island Resort tend to be excellent, which is very impressive considering this is a moderately priced private-island resort. Nearly every guest gushes about the rooms and the service and the setting, as well as the food in the all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. A few mention that the choices get old during a longer stay, but most are quite happy with them.


The facilities also get high marks, including the few childrens’ and family options available. For a 4-star resort with reasonable prices including all meals and even the optional all-drinks plan, the Veligandu Island Resort seems like a very solid choice.

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