With a total of 360 villas and suites, including 129 water villas, the Kuramathi Maldives resort is one of the largest 4-star resorts in the Maldives. It's also one of the largest of the private islands, with wilderness areas mixed in with the huge selection of activities and facilities. With 12 restaurants and 7 bars, guests are never far from food or drinks, and most guests here choose an all-inclusive meal package.

While the Kuramathi Maldives resort is popular with honeymoon couples, it's probably better suited to family holidays, offering a wide range of kids and teens facilities as well as many evening entertainment options. The prices are rather reasonable as well, making this a good-value resort compared to some of the smaller places in the area.

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Reviews of the Kuramathi Island Resort are very good, with an unusually small number of complaints, which is very good and encouraging for a resort of this size. Most were extremely happy with the island, the rooms, the food, and all the activities available. Most guests on the all-inclusive meal plans were also very happy with the broad range of things included. In addition, many feel that the resort prices, including the nightly room rates are well worth it, which is a very promising sign.


One minor complaint that a few expressed was that one small edge of the island directly faces an inhabited nearby island, which detracts from the isolated paradise feeling. Still, for a reasonably priced 4-star resort with this many rooms, the track record is very impressive, making this a solid choice, especially for families.

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