With 30 semi-detached water villas, the Reethi Beach Resort is usually one of the more affordable Maldives private-island resorts for overwater rooms. There are 90 villas on the island as well, so this is a medium-sized resort that actually has an astonishing choice of 10 different restaurants and bars.

Reethi Beach Resort offers bed and breakfast plans in addition to an all-inclusive plan that is probably better value for those who enjoy a bit of alcohol while on holiday. The value here is very good and reviews are impressively solid for this price range. This is one of only a few Maldives resorts to offer semi-detached water villas (2 per structure), and if that doesn't bother you, then this resort is a great-value choice to consider.

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Reviews for the Reethi Beach Resort are generally very good to excellent, which is actually a bit surprising considering the modest room rates here. Most guests are very impressed by nearly everything, including the excellent house reef and snorkeling opportunities. They also seem very impressed by the views from each of the water villas along with the spacious amount of room in each villa.


Some point out that this is an older resort (for the Maldives) and that things are a bit more worn than they are at most of the newer ones, while others understand that this is to be expected in this price range for a private-island Maldives resort. The food gets high marks from most, whether on the bed and breakfast plan or the full all-inclusive plan.

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