With a total of 150 guest rooms, the Fihalhohi Tourist Resort is one of the larger private-island hotels in the Maldives. Only 12 of the rooms are overwater bungalows, but these are among the most affordable such rooms in the region. The guests here mostly choose for the all-inclusive plans, which are good value, and even drink prices at the bar are quite low for the Maldives.

This resort appears to be quite popular with French and German tourists, so some English speakers might feel a bit unwelcome. On the other hand, the staff get very high marks here at making people feel at home, and the prices are hard to compete with, so those looking for a very affordable overwater hotel might find this ideal. It's worth noting that most extra activities are charged separately here, while they are included in the room price most everywhere else in the Maldives.

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The Fihalhohi Tourist Resort gets quite good, but not great, reviews from most guests. It appears that nearly everyone is aware that this is among the cheaper overwater bungalow resorts in the Maldives, so expectations aren’t unrealistically high.


Almost all reviews praise the beautiful setting, though a few point out that this small island doesn’t have many activities available, which does wear on some people. There are however some great activities on and near by that some reviewers feel are completely adequate. The food at the buffet restaurant seems to get good marks, though perhaps not for a variety of food. The staff appears to be well trained and attentive.

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