it's one of the more remote resorts in the region, the Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Maldives is also one of the finest, featuring only two water villas in addition to 45 other beach villas and suites. The island is relatively large so each guest feels like they are nearly alone, yet there is a large number of activities from which to choose as well.

The spa as well as the restaurants and bars are all 5-star deluxe quality, so those who can afford it are treated to excellent service and surroundings. Each villa also comes with a personal butler, so you'll always have someone to help when you need them, yet the intimacy of the resort also makes it perfect for a honeymoon or other romantic holiday.

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The Island Hideaway gets nearly universally excellent reviews, as you might expect for such an expensive and exclusive resort. Most guests especially appreciate the modest number of suites and villas on the property, giving it a private feeling that isn’t possible at one of the larger resorts in the Maldives.


The personal butler service that comes with each villa also gets very high marks, as does the setting, the facilities, and the food. Those seeking a private and romantic holiday should be very happy at the Island Hideaway, particularly in the water villas.

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