Easily one of the best of the smaller boutique private islands in the Maldives, the Maafushivaru Resort only has 48 villas, including 22 large Water Villas. This is one of the resorts that promotes a “no shoes, no news” policy, where guests are literally encouraged to go barefoot from the moment they step on the island.

There are two restaurants, a coffee shop, a wine bar, and a normal bar, which tells you something about the resort considering there are only 48 villas. One unusual feature is a private “desert island” just a short boat ride away. The diving and snorkeling are also top-notch, and guest reviews put this one in the highest category among Maldives resorts.

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Reviews for the Maafushivaru Resort are among the best in all of the Maldives. Guests seem to have high expectations when they book, and those expectations are met or exceeded in almost every case. The villas are all very large and comfortable, and the staff attention is excellent, according to guests.


There is also high praise for the island setting itself, as well as the snorkeling and diving at the house reef. The food and drink service gets equally high marks, with many people noting the abundance of choices in both considering there are only 48 villas on the island. Guests also like the ‘adult atmosphere’ of the resort, making it perfect for honeymooners.

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