Housing 286 rooms and suites, with 106 of them being over the water villas, the Meeru Island Resort is one of the Maldives' largest 4-star resorts, and it's noted to have more overwater rooms than any other resort in the Maldives today. This is a rather large private island that has more than a dozen restaurants and bars. Guests will also find a dive center and a ton of water sports.

The rooms and service here are all very professional, and the resort has a very good reputation with lots of return guests. You'll also want to note that this resort is one of the most affordable overwater villa resorts in the Maldives, even when on the full-board meal plan. The hotel is better for family trips, but the two overwater Honeymoon Villas are a great choice for newlyweds, being so private and secluded that you actually need to take a short boat ride to reach the room.

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Reviews for the Meeru Island Resort tend to be overwhelmingly positive, which is a bit unusual for a resort this large. Nearly everyone seems impressed with the setting, the rooms, the staff, and the food in the many restaurants. The snorkeling is also well praised.


A few reviewers point out that this resort is aging a bit, and others mention that some of the rooms are less than ideal, including at least one located too close to the generator. Overall though, the reviews are very encouraging and should inspire confidence to those thinking about booking here.

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