Featuring 10 water villas alongside 27 large beach villas, the all-inclusive Nika Island Resort is one of the smallest private-island resorts in the Maldives today. The beach villas here are famed for having a own private beach section that comes complete with a Jacuzzi, but the newer water villas are also spacious and fairly well appointed.

Because the resort is run by Italians and most popular with Italian guests, you'll find that staying there would be a good chance to practice the language while becoming more familiar with its food. The island is small and simple, which is ideal for some but not for everyone.

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Reviews of the Nika Island Resort are mostly positive, with the majority of guests being completely charmed by the small and simple island and the old-school Maldives vibe. Most quite liked the food, especially the lunches and dinners, and the house reef gets good reviews as well.


Some complain, however, that the facilities are a bit aged and that it might not offer great value compared to other resorts in the Maldives. The breakfast doesn’t seem to have many fans either. There are also a few who complain about the staff not being the best, but there are also those who say they are wonderful, making it a bit of a toss up.

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