Featuring 40 overwater villas that range from huge to enormous, the Niyama Resort by Per Aquum defines luxury in everyway possible along with an added natural edge. There are 47 beach studios and pavilions as well, and all are also large and very luxurious. Each overwater villa has its own private pool and many have Jacuzzis as well.

There are 8 restaurants and bars as well, and the usual assortment of scuba diving and sailing opportunities, but there is also a business center. Considering the size of the villas, the private pools, and the commitment to luxury from this brand, the Niyama rates feel quite modest and like a good value in the top-end Maldives market.

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For the most part, reviews are geared toward good, thought there are a few people who rate the resort as average. These reviews though, don’t give much reason to their rating, so it might be best to not look into them too much. Positive reviews however, are very strong and all point out their great experience. Guests cite great rooms with features that offer both looks and comfort, staff that are attentive and professional and an array of resort amenities that really do make the experience a once in a lifetime moment.

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