With the Summer Island Maldives resort, you'll find budget friendly water villas that come complete with a healthy list of amenities and features. A large resort with 156 rooms all together, 20 of which reside over the ocean, the Summer Island Maldives resort offers lots of different daily activities and amenities, most of which are part of their all-inclusive plan. The plan includes full board meals, drinks, one snorkeling trip per day (excluding equipment), and more.

When looking deeper into the resort's ocean rooms, you'll first note that each of the rooms is adults only, meaning that children are not allowed to stay in any of the water based rooms. This adds to the privacy and quietness of these rooms, which helps to make them more suitable for honeymooning and romantic couples. Each of these rooms also caters with either a sunset or sunrise view, making them even more romantic.

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Considering that this is one of the cheapest resorts in the Maldives, and that it’s also all-inclusive, including alcohol, most reviews are quite positive. The resort has taken the time needed to update things, and it shows. Recent reviews detail that the staff is both friendly and professional, the food and drinks are appetizing and that the rooms are clean and full of amenities.

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