Extremely popular among the 5-star resorts of the Maldives, the Baros Island Resort features 30 overwater villas in addition to 45 additional beach and pool villas and suites. The setting on a small private island surrounded by a gorgeous and active reef makes it perfect for diving or snorkeling, but a long list of other water sports and activities are also available.

The overwater villas are configured in a semi-circle, making each one feel unusually private, so they are perfect for a honeymoon or other romantic getaway, and with 24-hour room service available, some might not want to leave their villa at all. The resort also has several restaurants and lounges among the grounds, so there should be enough variety for even longer stays.

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Reviews for the Baros Island Resort are almost universally glowing, which is slightly unusuall even in this super-luxury category. The service and staff get very high marks, with many commenting that it was attentive but not smothering. The water villas in particular get rave reviews for their beautiful setting and the abundant sea life visible just below.


The food gets good reviews from most past guests, but others call it just ordinary for a resort, which still sounds quite good. It’s pointed out that there is no public pool anywhere on the island (some villas have private pools), so if that’s important the Baros Resort might not be your best option, but snorkeling through the reef with the complimentary gear seems to impress most guests enough. The reef itself is comprised of coral, tropical fish and other marine life, making for quite the experience.

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