A 5-star luxury property, the Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa offers guests both luxury and adventure, all wrapped up with a pretty tropical bow. Here you'll find an overwater resort that prides itself in using natural materials found locally to build the property. Both energy efficiency and natural preservation are key to the philosophy of this overwater resort oasis.

The overwater rooms here impress with large windows that allow you to lay in bed while soaking in the ocean view. Each suite also caters with a dining area, a TV, a little kitchen area that allows you to make your own coffee and tea, and a large back terrace that offers guests a chance to go straight into the ocean via a set of steps. As this is a family friendly resort, you'll note that there are two swimming pools here, one for all ages, and one that's designed just for little kids.

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Reviews are stellar with many guests detailing their excitement over the food and outdoor options. The staff is very well liked here, with guest repeatedly saying how attentive and nice the resort staff are. Though visitors write about how they loved their time here, there are many who feel they wished they were able to extend their stay instead of leaving to go back home.