Featuring 20 overwater villas in addition to 140 island rooms and suites, the Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort is one of the larger hotels in the Maldives. The water villas are large, even by Maldives standards, and are loaded with personal and business amenities that you'd expect from a 4-star Holiday Inn property.

There is a full diving center and trips can be arranged, but there is no house reef here and water villas are in shallow water so this isn't among the best diving resorts in the area, but it's otherwise loaded with features and activities and overall gets very high marks from past guests.

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Reviews of the Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort are generally very positive, with most past guests pointing to a very good experience overall. The staff and the food get very high marks for being even better than expected. The range of facilities and the nightlife also gets positive notices from many.


Some guests do point out that the overwater villas are in relatively shallow water so snorkeling below them is impossible, at least during low tide. A few other guests point out small maintenance issues, though with a large and busy resort like this you are bound to have some guests who experience problems, and even the majority of them say they’d come back. Many guests mention that the in-room wi-fi either didn’t work or didn’t work well, so that could be an issue for some. Overall, this seems like a good resort choice.

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