With only 45 total rooms and suites, the Gangehi Island Resort is one of the smaller private-island hotels in the Maldives. There are 8 Over Water suites just off the beach, and 8 De Luxe Over Water suites out over the lagoon, which are much larger and have more amenities, but only cost a bit more.

The island is run by Italians and is popular with Italians as well, but the staff all speak English as well, so anyone who appreciates Italian culture, tropical style, and food should be happy. The full-board meal plan seems to be the only option, so meals are included but not drinks.

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The Gangehi Island Resort gets excellent reviews from nearly every past guest, so it is consistently exceeding peoples’ expectations. The over water bungalows in particular get raves from everybody, mostly for the tasteful furniture and design. People say the De Luxe bungalows are definitely worth the extra money.


The small island itself gets high marks for its lovely boutique vibe and lush setting. The restaurant and its Italian chefs also get very strong compliments, so as long as you like Italian food (and who doesn’t?) you should also be happy. The few negative reviews that are around seem pretty out of place, and thus don’t seem to be worth paying any attention to.

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