Featuring one of the most remote locations in the Maldives, the Filitheyo Island Resort is set on a private island, with 16 overwater villas along with 109 beach villas and suites. This is a very popular 4-star resort, with prices that are far more affordable than many posh hotels in the Maldives, so it makes an excellent choice for those without an unlimited budget.

The 16 overwater villas themselves are huge, and set out over a beautiful clear-water reef that is great for snorkeling or diving. There are three restaurants and lounges plus a full-service spa, in addition to a well equipped diving center and school. Whether for a honeymoon or other romantic holiday, or an active family vacation in paradise, the Filitheyo Island resort is a good choice.

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Considering that the Filitheyo Island Resort is firmly in the 4-star category, with reasonable prices to match, the reviews are quite good. Previous guests seem to come back year after year, and most of the complaints appear to be fairly minor, and the things you’d expect at a resort that is a notch below some of the 5-star places the Maldives are famous for.


Some say that the water villas are a bit plain rather than luxurious, and that the service can be a bit slow. Considering this is a busy and popular hotel in an isolated location, those things are to be expected. With that said, there are those who feel the exact opposite, so it truly is based on personal preference. If you are looking for 5-star pampering then head elsewhere, but those looking for a solid and affordable overwater villa on a private island should do nicely here.

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