With 95 villas and suites, including 20 overwater villas, the Kanuhura Resort is a premiere 5-star private-island resort with some interesting innovations. Each of the water villas is very large and well appointed and each guest has a personal villa host at their disposal. The gorgeous lagoon setting is one of the finest in the Maldives, helping make this one of the better options for honeymoons or romantic holidays.

The Kanuhura Resort has a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and lounges, meaning that even a stay as long as two weeks gives guests plenty of variety. The resort also has what they say is the world's first private islet restaurant, as well as the only disco/nightclub in the Maldives. Those seeking something interesting and less traditional should enjoy this resort, though all the normal spa and water sports options are present as well.

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Generally the Kanuhura Resort gets excellent reviews, though there is the occasional review by a guest who simply seemed to hate everything. In the context of the other reviews it’s hard to take the few extremely negative ones seriously, though it’s worth knowing about them.


Overall the location, size of the rooms, the staff, and the service get very high grades. The food in the various restaurants also gets quite high marks, although a few people mention that it’s all quite expensive, which is true throughout the Maldives so it’s important to be prepared for that going in. Even with that said, it does seem that the proportions are well sized, so that helps. There are also quite a few guests who state they’ll return for a second visit, which is always a good sign.

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