Huge 5-star Maldives water villas for US$420 per night in June

Lately I've been getting many emails asking how to get the best deal on a Maldives water villa for the coming summer months. With demand so high I've decided to start highlighting the best Maldives summer deals each week, starting with a really nice one below. It's important to realize that June and July are the least-busy months in the Maldives, in spite of near-perfect weather, and the best prices are typically NOT offered for those who book quite this early.

These Maldives resorts work like so many other hotels in that they try to book rooms for higher prices until a few months out, and then they start discounting in order to fill up the empties. Right now, the second half of February, is when we'll start seeing discounts for June and July in the Maldives, starting with this great one.

The Deal

A Water Villa at the Hilton Maldives – Iru Fushi Resort & Spa for only US$420 per night for two people, including breakfast daily.

The Details

This promotion is only through Agoda, our booking partner, and it includes a 30% Early Booking Discount, making it non-refundable. This rate was discovered for the second week in June, but typically these promotions are for all dates when enough water villas are still available, so it might be there for other months as well. Check the Agoda page for the Maldives Hilton for your own dates.

Five star luxury and huge water villas

We've featured the Hilton Maldives – Iru Fushi Resort & Spa several times before for a simple reason. They typically offer the most aggressive discounts during the low season, so you can actually get a water villa for less than half the price of the high season. Many other resorts only discount a little and prefer to be mostly empty during the summer months, so it pays to follow the best deals during this period.

Also, the Hilton Maldives is a 5-star resort with huge water villas. These are around 90 square meters, or around 1,000 square feet, including a large private deck, so they are the size of a condominium rather than a normal hotel room. In this price range they are probably the largest water villas in the Maldives, and even better that they are at a large and well-run resort with so many options available. You also get a glass-floor section for viewing the sea life below your villa, which I know is something most people love and look for specifically.

Ten restaurants and bars, plus a lot more

The Maldives Hilton has 150 total rooms, including 80 water villas, which makes it one of the larger 5-star resorts in the Maldives. The water villas are in a very private wing of the resort, but guests also get use of 10 different restaurants and bars on the private island. Many of the cheaper resorts have exactly one restaurant, so it's clear that this is a place where you can find the style you are in the mood for, without compromise.

The rooms come loaded with luxury amenities such as a Bose sound system, twin rain showers, an over-sized day bed out on the deck, and bathrobes for each guest. The bathroom in each water villa is partially outdoors, so you get full privacy and that tropical paradise feeling all at once. If your travel dates are covered by this promotion, you should book quickly.

Photo gallery of the Hilton Maldives

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