Hilton Maldives Irufushi Resort water villas starting at US$639 per night in high season

Hilton MaldivesEven with the more than 60 Maldives overwater villa resorts out there, it can be very difficult to get a really good deal during the high season for the area, which is from December through April. Since most guests to the Maldives come from Europe, the combination of their own dreadful winter weather and the dry season in the Maldives during that same period makes demand soar.

We'll be spotlighting the best Maldives water villa deals we can find on a weekly basis during the high season, and we'll start today with what's actually a fabulous bargain at the Hilton Maldives Irufushi Resort & Spa.

February 2012: Water villas starting at US$639 per night

The rate above is currently available for various high-season dates when booked in advance using the 20% early-bird discount through our booking partner. The rack rates on these villas is way over US$1,000 per night, so this is actually a combination of discounts, which are rare in high season.

Huge villas and true luxury

Hilton Maldives Infinity King BedroomEven the smallest King Water Villas are enourmous, at 1334 sq ft (125 m²). The “Hilton” name is not normally associated with 5-star resort hotels, but this is an exception as everything is top-class.

There are 80 water villas and 70 island rooms and suites, making this one of the larger water villa resorts in the Maldives, but guests actually get many worthwhile benefits out of the larger size, in addition to the privacy you get staying out on one of the water villa piers.

Many resorts of this size have literally only 1 or 2 restaurants and bars in total, but the Hilton Maldives has 10, so even with 150 total rooms you can always find a place that isn't crowded if you like, or join the fun of an active scene if you prefer that.

You also get a long list of water sports and daytime activities, plus a choice of a bit of organized nightlife at a few of the bars if you like, or the option to spend quiet time alone in your oversized villa if that is more your scene.

Best value in the Maldives

Hilton Maldives BathtubThe Hilton Maldives is large enough to have an aggressive pricing scheme where they prefer to fill most of the rooms up at lower prices than stand firm and leave them empty often like many nearby resorts. For this reason these same water villas can get down below US$400 during the low season in summer, but even at US$639 they are excellent bargains during high-season in winter.

Comparable resorts with much smaller water villas routinely start well over US$800 during the high season, with many starting well over US$1,000 per night.

Again, the best deals are available using the 20% early-bird special through our booking partner. Look for more information about the Hilton Maldives Resort or go directly to the booking page to check your dates.

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