Four-star Maldives water villa at US$270 per night in July

Thulhagiri IslandI've just come across an astonishing deal at a Maldives private-island water villa resort and I'm happy to share it. Long story short, this is a nice 4-star water villa at US$270 per night (per couple) including breakfast and dinner each day. I've been tracking prices at all the Maldives resorts for almost a year now and the cheapest this one has been up to now is just over US$400 per night, which is already one of the more affordable resorts. Now they have some availability at more than a 30% discount, but you might have to hurry.

The Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa isn't an ideal choice for everyone, which we'll discuss a bit below, but at the price it's an amazing deal so it could very well be the opportunity some people have been waiting for to finally be able to afford a beautiful water villa holiday.

The deal

A water villa for US$270 per night per couple, breakfast and dinner included, at the Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa.

The details

This startling bargain came up for a search during the second half of July, 2012, for a stay of 7 nights. The deal doesn't specify that it's only for long stays, but usually the best deals are for those staying more than 4 nights. The deal was found through Agoda, which is our booking partner, and is known for having the best deals for luxury hotels and especially in the Maldives. Check your own dates on the Agoda page for the Thulhagiri Island Resort & Spa.

A simple and peaceful private-island resort

Thulhagiri Island Resort water villaBeing totally honest here, the Thulhagiri Island Resort doesn't get the best reviews in the Maldives. You'll have to pay at least 2 to 3 times more per night for that resort and if you can afford that then do it. However, for the price this is absolutely a fantastic deal. Check the video tour of a water villa at the bottom of the main page on our site. The villas are certainly of 4-star standard, with a lovely private deck and stairs leading down into the lagoon.

Watch the video and you'll see that the villas come with a 4-poster kingsized bed and a bathroom filled with amenities, including an oversized bathtub and separate rain shower stall, even with its own entrance coming off the deck. If you paid US$500 per night you might not be so impressed, but believe me, at US$270 per night you won't find any better.

Don't expect 5-star service at a 3-star price

Having studied this for years I can tell you that hotel reviews have more to do with expectations than they do the hotel and its service. You can find simple hotels in expensive cities at low rates that get fantastic reviews because people feel the place is a bargain, and much nicer hotels in the same city that get poor reviews because guests felt it didn't live up to the price.

Some reviewers say that the service at the Thulhagiri Island Resort isn't what they were hoping, while other people are fine with it. If you are paying US$600 per night you are likely to get better service, but at US$270 per night it's more of a challenge for the resort. Some people, especially those who make lots of special requests, might be better off elsewhere. But those looking for a simple resort and spa at an amazing price should find this to be a great deal.

The buffet-style food in the restaurant is from an acclaimed Austrian chef and it gets high marks from most visitors. There are many activities and excurions available, many of which come at an extra cost. If you are looking for a relaxing private-island holiday in a beautiful water villa at an excellent price, this is for you, but it's not for everyone.

Fast and cheap to reach from the airport

Anothing thing that makes this resort such a good deal is that it's a 25-minute speedboat ride from the international airport, which will be relatively cheap and certainly faster than the long sea-plane flights to most resorts. A sea-plane journey will usually be US$400 to US$500 per person, return, while speedboad rides are usually around US$100 per person, return.

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