Best Maldives deals in January: Water villas from US$535/night

ChaayaLagoonThe-JettyJanuary is the heart of high season in the Maldives, with the highest rates of the year in the just after the beginning of the month. But if you can go even a week or two later, you can get some pretty tempting deals on water villas.

As usual, we have searched all the deals for the month of January, and have come up with 3 that are very good considering the season. One is for a perennial favorite resort with Jacuzzi water villas for only a bit more. Another is for an all-inclusive resort that should be great value for those who like to indulge while on holiday.

Best Maldives water villa deals for January

Meeru Island Resort & Spa

Water villas with full board from US$535 per night per couple

Meeru-Jacuzzi-Water-Villa-Interior_lgThe Meeru Island Resort has more water villas (106) than any other resort in the Maldives, and this allows them to offer the best deals almost any month of the year. In January you can book one of their normal water villas for only US$535 (plus tax) with full board for two people. But the Jacuzzi water villas are the better deal at only US$583 per night, and also a much larger unit.

This 4-star resort somehow offers great deals and continues to get excellent reviews from guests, so they are doing something right. The Jacuzzi is in a semi-outdoor area out on the deck of your water villa, and is so romantic that you may forget that the island has a dozen restaurants and bars in addition to loads of daytime activities and water sports.

>>>Check rates at the Meeru Island Resort

Chaaya Island Dhonveli

Water villas from US$601 per night per couple

ChaayaIslandBathroom2With 60 water villas and 88 island villas, the Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort is smaller than Meeru Island, but still large enough to offer 6 different restaurants and bars as well as a long list of water sports. But the thing that makes this one stand out is that it has one of the few proper surf beaches in the Maldives, so it attracts a bit of a surfer crowd.

The US$601 per night (plus tax) per couple rate does not include the surfing package, but of course you can pay extra for that if you wish, and in general it's a great deal even if you don't. The reviews of this resort are consistently very good, so it's a good choice in the modest price range this time of year.

>>>Check rates at the Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort

Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa Resort – All Inclusive

All Inclusive water villas from US$684 per night per couple

ChaayaLagoonWater-Bunglow02In what might be the best deal of all, the Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa Resort is an all-inclusive, and they are offering water villas starting at US$684 per night (plus tax) per couple in January. It won't surprise you to learn that alcohol is quite expensive in the Maldives, so if you are the sort who likes to have a few drinks or more each day, the all-inclusive set-up is ideal.

They only have 70 water villas and 10 island villas, so it's a smaller boutique-style resort. The water villas here aren't huge, but they are quite nice and they have the signature glass floor so you can observe the sea life below, even at night. Again, the reviews here are consistently fantastic, which is why it's on this list and why it might be a good choice for a January visit to the Maldives.

>>>Check rates at the Chaaya Lagoon Hakuraa Huraa Resort

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