As you start your overwater bungalow and villa research, you'll quickly notice that there are dozens of overwater resorts around the entire world. This is great as it grants people from different regions access to a villa that isn't too terribly far away. If you reside somewhere in North America, particularly speaking, the US and Canada, then you'll note that there aren't any overwater resorts along the vast stretches of coastline. However, there is one within the state of Florida. The Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows is located in Orlando and is a solid choice for families who plan on visiting the area and parks.

If you're looking for a true over the water experience, then you'll want to venture to the South Pacific, the Caribbean, or the Caribbean coast of Central America.

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Overwater bungalows nearest to the US and Canada

Those of you who live in the western region of the US and Canada will find that the closest overwater bungalows and water villas are situated around the South Pacific, which is an extremely popular region to visit. Because of the region’s beauty, colorful coral reefs, fresh sea food, and friendly locals, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lots of visitors from around the world who have decided to spend their yearly vacation on one of the islands.

Overwater bungalows in the South Pacific

Because there are over 2 dozen overwater resorts within and spread throughout the South Pacific, we’ve gone ahead and created separate lists for each region in order help you narrow down your search.


Overwater bungalows in the Caribbean

Currently, you’ll be able to find a lot of different overwater resorts within the Caribbean, in varying price ranges. This is great for those who rather not fly halfway around the world from the US. In fact, there are now 21 different overwater resorts to select from. To summarize, here are 4 overwater resorts within the Caribbean that really stand out and impress in every way:

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort – Montego Bay, Jamaica

The Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort is a big hit in the overwater community and serves as an adult only resort. With 17 overwater bungalows outfitted with the best of the best, including a private pool and jacuzzi, if you’ve got the money, you’re sure to have a fantastic time here. This resort is also very easy to reach. All you have to do is fly into the Sangster International Airport from Florida or elsewhere. Once you land in Montego Bay you’ll then take the resort’s private shuttle to the resort which is a mere 10 minutes away.

>More information about the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sandals South Coast Resort – Jamaica

Also located on the island of Jamaica, the Sandals South Coast Resort houses 12 large overwater bungalows. These rooms are a crowd pleaser with room service, a soaking tub that fits two guests, and stunning views of the ocean. Though the nightly rates for this resort are on the high side and won’t fit into everyone’s budget, guests feel that the resort is well worth the money. To reach this resort, you’ll fly into the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and then take a taxi about an hour or so south.

>More information about the Sandals South Coast Resort – Jamaica

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort – Saint Lucia

The one and only overwater bungalow resort that currently calls Saint Lucia home, the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort is a high ticket item, and one that draws those with deep pockets. The 9 Honeymoon Butler Bungalows provide guests with air conditioning, a personal butler that comes with 24 hour room service, Wi-Fi, and a glass floor cutout that grants you viewing access to the underwater world without having to actually get into the water. You’ll also find that this resort is very easy to reach. First you’ll fly into the Hewanorra International Airport before being picked up by the resort’s free airport transfer.

>More information about the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort – Saint Lucia

Rosewood Mayakoba – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The Rosewood Mayakoba houses 18 Deluxe Overwater Lagoon Suites in addition to the land based rooms. The overwater rooms here feature a heated plunge pool, a private terrace, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and 24 hour room service. In order to reach this resort, you’ll first fly into Cancun International Airport before taking a taxi, shuttle, or your own rental car to the resort, which is situated roughly an hour away. Rates here tend to stay under US$1,500 per night throughout the entire year.

>More information about the Rosewood Mayakoba – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Overwater bungalows in Central America

If the idea of traveling to Central America for an overwater resort adventure, you’ll be happy to note that there are some resorts to choose from. If you like the idea of traveling to Central America for an overwater experience, you’re in luck as there’s actually a nice amount of accommodations to choose from, and we’ve listed a few of them below. As you’ll see, these resorts do vary quite a bit when it comes to features and nightly rates, making it so that you can find one that fits your budget the best.


When looking at the list below, you’ll want to note that the list is in order of resorts that are generally the fastest to reach to the longest to reach after landing in the country. Some resorts are more isolated than others, which requires more of a journey to reach them.

Cosmic Crab Resort – Panama

At this particular resort, you’ll find 6 overwater cabins with each featuring Wi-Fi, air conditioning, an orthopedic mattress, and a private bathroom. You’ll also find a restaurant, a playground, and a outdoor pool. This is all impressive as the nightly rate starts out at only US$89. Once you have flown into Panama City, you’ll then fly into the airport at Bocas del Toro (which takes about an hour). A water taxi to the resort adds just a few minutes of travel.

>More information about the Cosmic Crab Resort – Panama

Mango Creek Lodge – Roatan, Honduras

Known for their fishing and diving resort packages, the Mango Creek Lodge grants guests extremely basic rooms that aren’t much to talk about. However, if you are outside enjoying nature most of the time, this won’t be an issue. With that said, expect to pay rates of about US$400 per night and up. After flying into the Roatan International Airport, you’ll have roughly another hour of travel.

>More information about the Mango Creek Lodge – Roatan, Honduras

St. George’s Caye Resort – Belize

The St. George’s Caye Resort offers 6 overwater rooms with a starting nightly rate that’s lower than most overwater resorts. At this resort you’ll also find lots of things to do, including kayaking and snorkeling. Even though there are three steps to get to the resort, you’ll won’t have to devote a full day to traveling after you land at the Belize City International Airport but rather an hour or so.

>More information about the St. George’s Caye Resort – Belize

Wailidup Hotel – Panama

At this resort, you’ll find a restaurant, a few land based rooms, and 6 overwater bungalows. The nightly rates here do vary a bit, and you’ll have to contact the lodge for the most up to date pricing. After flying into Panama City’s international airport, you’ll then want to be prepared to take about an hour to reach the lodge.

>More information about the Wailidup Hotel – Panama

Punta Caracol Acqua - Lodge – Panama

A simple resort, the Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge offers guests nightly rates that aren’t as high as most overwater resorts. The nightly rate here includes breakfast and dinner, along with snorkeling equipment. You’ll want to note that there isn’t a spa here, or any treatments, but in-room massages are available. Expect over an hour of added transport time after arriving at the international airport in Panama City.

>More information about the Punta Caracol Acqua – Lodge – Panama

Yandup Island Lodge – Panama

The Yandup Island Lodge serves the adventurous crowd very well. Here you won’t find a wide array of amenities, and the rooms are on the basic side. You will however, find lots of fantastic snorkeling and tours that will take you to nearby islands. To reach this resort, you’ll find that it takes a bit of time. After flying into Panama City, you’ll then take a domestic flight, which takes about an hour, before reaching the lodge.

>More information about the Yandup Island Lodge – Panama

Azul Paradise Resort – Panama

A small resort that only houses overwater bungalows, this one is great for those seeking to enjoy and partake in lots of snorkeling. Guests will also find that each room grants them a private deck, snorkeling gear to use during your entire stay, a glass floor bottom, and a private bathroom. After landing in Panama City, you’ll want to plan for about 2 hours or less of travel.

>More information about the Azul Paradise Resort – Panama

Urraca Private Island Eco Lodge – Panama

An eco lodge where children under the age of 13 are not welcomed, the Urraca Private Island Eco Lodge offers 6 rooms that are situated on stilts over the water. You won’t find much in the rooms, but you will find Wi-Fi, a private deck, and stairs that lead into the water below. Because of the age restrictions, this is a solid choice for honeymooners that have a tighter budget. Before booking, you’ll want to make sure you know that there are several steps to reach the lodge, which can take a few hours after landing in Panama.

>More information about the Urraca Private Island Eco Lodge – Panama

El Faro del Colibri – Bocas del Toro, Panama

This resort is a great option for budget travelers who like the idea of spending most of their time in nature. Rooms here come with basic cable and Wi-Fi, but not much else, but that’s to be expected at a resort with such a low nightly rate. This resort also takes a while to reach after you land in Panama. That’s because you’ll have to take a domestic flight, a bus, and then a ferry. Expect it to take a few hours.

>More information about the El Faro del Colibri – Bocas del Toro, Panama

The best overwater bungalows in the world

There are literally dozens and dozens of overwater resorts within the Maldives. You’ll also find a great selection of different water villas that come in three different price ranges, some that cater to honeymooners, some to families and groups, and others that cater to those with a very large bank account.



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