A small overwater lodge situated on a private island off the Caribbean coast of Panama, the Wailidup Hotel is an eco friendly accommodation that gives visitors the chance to experience an overwater stay at a fraction of the price of more well known resorts. In each overwater room here, you'll find a bed, a fan, and a private bathroom, but not much else. You'll also find stunning views of the ocean beyond from your very own private terrace. On the island itself, is a lodge that holds 3 more bedrooms.

Though there isn't a spa on-site, there is a restaurant that features a bar and impresses with fresh seafood and fish. Some menu items include spider crabs, snails, and lobsters. This isn't a resort for someone who wants to spend a good amount of time in their rooms but is rather outfitted for guests who love the idea of spending each day of their stay exploring the natural area and islands around them. If you love daily tours, then this is the place for you.

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There aren’t a lot of reviews to draw from, but the for the ones that do exist, they’re a mixed bag of feelings. Some guests love the experience of being out among nature, the daily tours, and the snorkeling opportunities. Others, however, don’t like it at all and would have rather stayed somewhere else. As long as you understand that this is a basic lodge with only a handful of amenities, you’ll do just fine.

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