Located on the Caribbean side of Panama, the Azul Paradise Resort is an eco-friendly resort that gets its name from the blue ocean that surrounds each of its over the water rooms. Guests will find a total of 10 overwater suites to choose from as well as a few land locked rooms. Choosing between an all inclusive stay or one featuring 3 meals a day, guests will find themselves privy to a luxury experience without having to pay nearly US$1,000 a night.

Guests should also be prepared to find a host of ocean activities to partake in which include swimming, surfing, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. When not out on the water, the on-site spa accommodates with both single and couple massages as well as facials.

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With overall great reviews, the Azul Paradise Resort holds itself as one of the best with great management and staff members, amenities, meals and rooms. In fact, most reviews touch on the fact that the staff was ‘fantastic’ and always around the help, direct and make sure that the guests experience was the best it could be.


The meal selection is also viewed as plentiful with menus that help to please all types of foodies. Many reviewers state that they will either be returning back for a second visit themselves or plan to recommend this resort to friends and family members.