Located on a private island near the Playon Chico community in Kuna Yala, Panama, the Yandup Island Lodge serves as the perfect destination for the adventurous and nature oriented traveler. Here you'll find a total of 10 rooms, 6 of which are perched over the coastline's edge, presenting a beautiful view of the ocean beyond.

When looking at the available dining selections, you'll find that there is only one available. This may sound bleak but in fact, it's far from. At the resort's restaurant, you'll notice that there are lots of options to choose from, including local seafood, fish, vegetables and fruits. Also, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with each night's stay. You'll also find two daily tours available if you would like to adventure each day here. Considering that this resort is better suited for those who wish to enjoy a nature and cultural experience above all else, luxury is not a top priority. That being said, if you have a smaller budget, but would still like an overwater experience in the Caribbean, then this resort may just be your perfect match.

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ABOUT THE Yandup Island Lodge – Panama


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Even though the nightly rate is low and there isn’t much as far as amenities and resort features are concerned, the reviews for the Yandup Island Lodge are quite good. In fact, most guests who stay here praise the lodge for providing a great experience that they’ll remember for years and years to come. Some of the highlights include the cultural nearby island tours, the jungle hiking and waterfall, the surrounding coral reefs and the freshly caught and cooked seafood and fish dining options.


One nice thing to note is that even though mosquito nets are provided to flow over your bed, you won’t always need them. There are plenty of guests who state that they didn’t use it at all during their vacation, which is comforting to hear.

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