Easily considered a very basic, yet still very comfortable overwater resort, El Faro del Colibri Resort offers guests private rooms that come with beautiful views of the Caribbean ocean. You'll also want to note that each room comes with hot water, a TV, Wi-Fi, beach towels, and a small fridge. There is also a restaurant right on-site that offers a complimentary buffet on a seasonal basis. If you want more dining options, there are several international eateries situated a few minutes away.

Though it does take a bit of travel within Panama to reach this resort, it's one of the main draws that beckon travelers off of the beaten path. As far as the reviews are concerned, you'll find lots of positive comments, which is not always the case for a resort this cheap.

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The reviews for El Faro del Colibri Resort are very high. Many guests cite clean rooms with no sand on the floor as a big plus. The breakfast receives top marks and so does the ocean surrounding each overwater bungalow. In fact, lots of guests detail how much fun (and how easy) it is to jump into the ocean from their rooms.


If you are concerned about the boat traffic next to the resort due to all of the water taxis, you’ll enjoy hearing that they don’t bother guests.

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