Mango Creek Lodge offers 4 overwater bungalows, which they call cabanas, in addition to 2 lodge rooms on land. Located on Roatan Island off Honduras, this resort is all about fishing and/or diving. It's an all-inclusive hotel, with even alcohol included in the reasonable package prices, so it's an even better value than the affordable prices suggest.

The rooms are basic by overwater bungalows standards, with the main entertainment option being in the form of a reading light in each room, but people come here for the fishing or diving packages, so a basic room isn't a problem for most. There are a number of other aquatic activities plus a restaurant that is well regarded, so the Mango Creek seems a fine choice for adventure types who want a room over the water.

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Reviews for the Mango Creek Lodge are almost all excellent. Guests almost universally praise the resort for being an ideal place to get away, and expectations seem to be met or exceeded once they arrive. This point is important since Mango Creek is a fairly basic resort and those expecting 4-star accommodations would be disappointed.


This hotel seems to be all about fishing, diving, and snorkeling, and those who’ve visited to take advantage of those things seem to be extremely satisfied. This is a good value property as well, so anyone who is interested in this sort of place should be happy with their choice.