Sharing the same parking lot as its newer sister resort that's situated right next door, the Lexis Port Dickson features 174 overwater bungalows along with another 218 rooms that are located in its tower. This is a luxury 4-star resort that still looks fresh and new, even though the villas here are a bit less expensive than the newer resort, the Grand Lexis Port Dickson, next door.

The views from the water villas may not be as impressive as some of the newer resorts in the same area, but the villas are all large and outfitted with upscale furnishings and amenities. In this price category you wouldn't expect to be able to get an overwater room, so guest reviews are mostly very positive.

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Reviews for the Lexis Port Dickson are generally very good, though not quite as good as its newer neighbor next door. Guests were pleased at how large the villas are, and how comfortable the beds are. Some commented that the villas are aging a bit, which is true, but in this price range you aren’t going to get a brand-new room so that is something to keep in mind before you book.


While the appealing room rates are worth being aware of, it’s still notable that this resort gets almost no 5-star reviews. In other words, if you keep your expectations in line and consider the nearby alternatives in this price range, you should be very happy here. But if you book an inexpensive water villa here and assume you’ll be getting a new 5-star room, you might be a bit disappointed when you check in.