Featuring 159 overwater villas among its 317 total, the Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a 5-star luxury resort in the booming Port Dickson area not far south of Kuala Lumpur Airport. If you are looking for the most private and luxurious overwater resort in the area, this is it. Each of the water villas has its own pool villa, and unlike the others nearby, these are all 100% private and surrounded by walls.

There are several restaurants and bars, as well as options in the sister resort that shares the same parking lot. Similar to the other water resorts in the area, you can't swim beneath these water villas, but with a private pool in each villa you won't find many people complaining. Considering the room rates, this is excellent value in the 5-star category in this area.

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Reviews for the Grand Lexis Port Dickson are mostly excellent, and probably the best for any overwater resort in this part of Malaysia. Guests are extremely happy with the large and luxurious rooms, as well as the private plunge pool in each villa.


The buffet food gets very high marks as well, which is refreshing since buffets aren’t always this popular. Some guests say that nearby activities are limited, and while that is true, this is more of a hotel for a romantic stay and to relax. Considering the room rates, this one should be on your list.