Luxurious overwater villas near Kuala Lumpur for US$112 per night per room

This deal is simply stunning, but it's real. You probably haven't heard of the Golden Palm Tree Resort in Malaysia because it only opened in 2011. With 392 overwater villas just off the coast near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, it's easily the largest overwater resort in the world (the second largest has 120 water villas in the Maldives). Right now they are offering amazing deals to the point that pretty much no matter where in the world you live, your cheapest overwater hotel option is the Golden Palm Tree.

This is obviously a new resort and it's managed by Swiss-Belhotel International, so it's an international-class hotel. Admittedly, the opening process, which was done in stages, didn't go perfectly and some guests were certainly disappointed. The original room rates I saw last year started at around US$365 per night per room including meals, but that was when only a portion of the resort was open. Now the whole place is operating and they are offering fantastic deals, especially during the off season.

The Deal

Premiere Traveler Palm Villas starting at US$112 per night per room

The details

The above deal is available for selected dates using the 30% Early Bird discount through our booking partner, Agoda. This was researched for a 3-night stay in August, which is the low season in Malaysia, and rates in high season are bound to be more. Many other room types are available at prices only a bit higher than this, so this is a resort where treating yourself to a large suite is affordable to many of us. Check the Golden Palm Tree Agoda page for your own dates.

Unique luxury off the coast of Kuala Lumpur

Each overwater villa at the Golden Palm Tree Resort is at least 52 square meters (560 square feet) and is jammed with luxury amenities. Each room has a sofa and table, a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, a private deck, and free wi-fi internet. Everything is new as well so you don't have to worry about arriving to find a resort that is cheap because it's “past its prime.”

The resort has 7 restaurants and bars plus a huge clubhouse in the center with a magnificent infinity-edge pool. There's windsurfing and sailing and many other water sport activities available, in addition to a full gym and various boutiques. It's meant to be a resort where you don't leave the property until you check out, which is one reason the room rates are quite low now. Guests aren't permitted to bring outside food into the resort, so take that into account when booking.

An ultra-convenient location

It was a bold move to build such a huge water-villa resort, but when you consider the location it doesn't sound crazy. It's only a 45-minute taxi ride from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, so it's actually closer to the airport than the city itself is. In case you aren't familiar with it, the KL Airport (along with its low-cost carrier terminal) is very busy and known for cheap flights from within Asia and beyond. In fact, it's one of the cheapest airports in Asia, partly because it's the main hub of Air Asia, the highly-regarded low-cost carrier that flies all over the region for very low fares.

If you are flying in mainly to stay at the Golden Palm Tree Resort it's probably worthwhile to book an extra couple of days before or after and explore Kuala Lumpur itself. It's a very modern and fascinating city with rather affordable hotels as well.

About the room rates at the Golden Palm Tree Resort

When the resort first opened the rates were much higher, although they included meals as well.

It appears that they've changed to an a la carte resort with much lower room rates, especially during the low season. Most other things, like water sports activities, cost extra, and food isn't exactly cheap either.

The overwater villas get great reviews from guests these days, but some people aren't quite as happy with the extra charges. In other words, this is an extremely cheap water villa resort for those looking to relax, but for very active people an all-inclusive Maldives resort might end up being a better deal.

Gallery of the Golden Palm Tree Resort

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