Serving as a widely recognized and respected luxury chain of resorts, Six Senses appeals to the traveler looking for a vacation filled with top of the line amenities, a long list of activities, and delicious on-site dining choices. With Six Senses resorts located around the entire globe, there are plenty of options for travelers to find the resort that matches their vacation style the best. In fact, the Six Senses resort chain is constructing a new resort in Belize that will offer both resort villas offered for vacations and residences that will be available for purchase.

The resort plans to open within a few years, making for an exciting addition to the overwater resort world. To learn more about the resort's plans, continue reading below.

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Overwater villa amenties and features

The overwater villas here, most of which will be accessible via a small jetty, will come in one bedroom and two bedroom options. Whichever option you select, you’ll find yourself privy to views of the ocean beyond, as well as a rather long list of amenities that foster comfort and relaxation.





If you’re interested in purchasing a residence, you’ll have your choice between 24 different residences that range from two bedrooms to 7 bedrooms. Each of these residences will sit next to each other, and thus line a 700 foot long private beach.

Resort activities and things to do

Because this resort plans to be on the large size, guests here will find that there is plenty to do and see, making it so that each day is filled to the brim with activities, if you choose so. Some of these activities will include snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, relaxing on the beach, a cooking school, and a food market.





Though there will be plenty of activities to partake in, the resort will also offer a Wellness Village. This area of the resort will house an anti-aging center, a yoga facility, an alchemy bar, and offer lots of different treatments that are inspired by Mayan energy healing practices. Alongside the resort’s spa, guests will also find numerous different dining and bar options, making it so that you can try something new each and every day of your stay.

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  1. You should fact-check your information. There are over water bungalows within Disney at the Polynesian Village Resort. Please correct your website so travelers can have the facts.

    1. D. Woods,

      It’s funny that you would complain about an 11 year-old article that didn’t include a property that opened 5 or 6 years later. Thanks for the help!

  2. Hello, my name is joelle.
    I am trying to book my honeymoon with sandal resort on bungalow and for mid July in Jamaica and i was wondering how to best go about it. thank you