A beautiful and impressive island nation that's found just off the south east tip of India, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a popular vacation destination. On this island you'll find large ruins, sandy beaches, tropical jungle, and even a few arid delights.

Although you can find lots of different accommodation options throughout the entire island, ranging from upscale resorts to hostels, you won't find any overwater villa resorts. Because of this, you'll have to travel to another location to experience your dream overwater escape. Now you may think that this means you have to change your entire vacation plan and start looking into the resorts found in the South Pacific, but luckily there is a much closer option- the Maldives.

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Overwater villas nearest to Sri Lanka

Currently, you won’t find any overwater bungalow or villa resorts in Sri Lanka, but luckily there is a whole host of them close by. Just to the south of Sri Lanka is the famed island nation of the Maldives. Here you’ll literally find dozens of overwater resorts to choose from. These resorts vary in prices, amenities, and activity choices, meaning that you can really have fun choosing the right resort for your next island vacation.


Making the Maldives even more interesting is that there are many daily flights that leave from Sri Lanka and fly directly to the Male International Airport. There are also other overwater villa resorts scattered around the globe, however those situated in the Maldives are by far the closest to Sri Lanka.

Overwater villas in the Maldives

The Maldives offer long white sand beaches, an exciting underwater world, and plenty of things to do and see. In addition to all this, you’ll also find that the Maldives offer a long list of accommodation options, including plenty of overwater resorts to choose from. These resorts differ in a lot of ways, including nightly rates and room sizes. Because of this, you’ll find that there are a lot of different options to choose from, including some great all-inclusive selections.


To help you find your perfect overwater villa, we’ve complied a few lists detailing resorts that represent different resort categories the best. For more information, click on the links below:


The best all-inclusive resort option in the Maldives

As stated above, there are lots of great options within the Maldives, including some impressively beautiful all-inclusive resorts. With that said the best option, in our opinion, is the Meeru Island Resort. With nearly 300 rooms, including 106 overwater villas, this resort is a great option for a great price. Though the resort itself is quite large, it is still located on a private island so you will need to take a speedboat to and from.


Click here to read our Pro detailed Meeru Island Resort review


Here you’ll find a large amount of restaurants and bars to choose from (all offering a varying selection of dishes), an OceanPro SCUBA Center that features guided diving tours and snorkeling boat trips, a few different swimming pools,  a golf driving range, a spa, and much much more. Literally, the list of amenities just keeps going.

Meeru Island Resort

The reviews for this resort are very positive as well and are some of the best for the whole of the Maldives. Because of all these factors, it’s hard to go wrong with a vacation at the Meeru Island Resort.


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