Honduras is definitely a country on the upswing with its tourism industry, featuring excellent weather most of the year in addition to extremely reasonable prices for everything. The islands just off the coast of Honduras even contain 3 eco-resorts that have overwater bungalows, though they aren't a proper substitute for the honeymoon-style resorts in Bora Bora of the Maldives.

If you are looking for a deluxe 4-star or above room with air conditioning and an entertainment center then you won't find such a thing anywhere but French Polynesia or the Maldives, but those who are looking for an active vacation and affordable all-inclusive rates will find a few very good choices here.

There are about 10 overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean, including these three off Honduras. If the resorts listed below are at least close to what you are looking for then it's also worth checking out the three overwater bungalow resorts in Panama, which are just as easy to reach, and might actually be closer to your style.

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Planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway? Consider these options:


However, if you are looking for a remote and unusual room that is located directly over the water in the Honduras, check out your choices below.

Anthony’s Key Resort – Honduras

  • Overwater bungalows: 10
  • Total rooms/suites: 56


An all-inclusive hotel on Roatan Island just off Honduras, Anthony’s Key Resort offers 10 overwater bungalows that are perched barely off the edge of a small private island that comprises a large part of the complex. Anyone looking for a room over a clear water lagoon won’t find it here, but this hotel could be ideal for those looking for an active vacation in an interesting and remote location.


There are no televisions in the rooms, but there is air conditioning and many other modern conveniences, and a long list of included activities and excursions. Compared to the resorts in the South Pacific, which start at double these rates not including meals, Anthony’s Key Resort could be excellent value. The on-land rooms are even cheaper, and some people save by splitting up their stay in one room for part of the time and a cheaper room for the other.


Overwater bungalows starting at US$580 per night

>More information about the Anthony’s Key Resort – Honduras >Check rates

CoCo View Resort – Honduras

  • Overwater bungalows: 16
  • Total rooms/suites: 26


The CoCo View Resort off Roatan Island is all about scuba diving, and its most popular packages include a surprisingly affordable upgrade to all-inclusive diving. Guests who sign up for that plan get two boat-diving sessions per day, plus unlimited 24/7 shore diving, all in an area famous for excellent underwater scenery. Among hardcore diving fans this place is famous and very popular, but those not already in love with diving might do better elsewhere.


Their 16 overwater bungalows are in structures containing either 2 or 4 units, so this may not be an ideal honeymoon hotel, unless the bride and groom are both fanatical about diving, which then it could be perfect. There’s also an active clubhouse with nightly entertainment so the guests do tend to mingle here rather than keep to themselves like they do in many other resorts.


Overwater bungalows starting at US$195 per night

>More information about the CoCo View Resort – Honduras >Check rates

Mango Creek Lodge – Roatan, Honduras

  • Overwater bungalows: 4
  • Total rooms/suites: 6


Packages at this all-inclusive resort highlight either diving or fishing, and it appears that most guests come specifically for one or both of those activities. The Mango Creek Lodge has 4 overwater bungalows plus two lodge rooms on the mainland. This is yet another basic resort that is nothing like a fancy chain hotel in the South Pacific, but is still very popular for people who want an active vacation and a gorgeous setting.


All room packages include all meals and even alcohol, plus the activities prescribed in the specific package, making this an excellent value resort for the right people. With only 6 total rooms it’s obvious that you’ll get quite a bit of attention, and the service here get high all-around marks.


Overwater bungalows starting at US$400 per night

>More information about the Mango Creek Lodge – Roatan, Honduras >Check rates

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