With an opening date planned for sometime in 2019, the Viceroy Hotel Group is set to open up the Viceroy Bocas del Toro Panama, an overwater resort located off the Caribbean coast and set against a rainforest backdrop. In total, the resort plans to feature 186 different guestrooms and residences, 42 of which will be located over the water and alongside 457 acres of beach coastline.

Destined as an eco-friendly resort option, guests will also find that only electrical cars and sustainable technologies are allowed.

Update: The opening date has now changed to 2021.

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Rooms and features

All in all, there will be 186 different rooms to choose from, some land based while others perched over the Caribbean ocean. Those located over the water will allow guests views of the coast and ocean as well as access to a private terrace and plunge pool. The rooms themselves will be large in size with ample room to move around and will be designed to feel more like an apartment rather than a room.

Resort amenities and activities

Outside of the rooms, the resort also plans to have various amenities available for guest use including but not limited to a fitness center, pools, a cinema lounge for those nights you wish to view a movie, a library and an indoor meeting area. A spa is also planned and is due to feature rejuvenation pools tucked into the rainforest alongside a list of spa treatments.


In addition, guests will find themselves privy to several different resort dining options. With 8 in total, you’ll have your choice of a beach dinner or a fancier option. Dishes will be prepared with fresh, local ingredients as well, continuing with the theme of eco-friendlness. Restaurants and lounges will also serve drinks and cocktails.

Around the resort

If you’re the kind who loves a little adventure during your vacation, this resort may just have exactly what you’re looking for with rainforest zip-lining, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, paddle boarding, sailing and the option to take part on a deep fishing trip. At the resort, you’ll also find yourself surrounded by the San San Pond Sak wetlands where you’ll find plenty of wildlife viewing, making it a great destination for outdoor and animal lovers.

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  1. Im interested in know where the overwater bungalows are located. Do they have any that close to Destin Florida?

  2. I would love to reserve a week stay in an over the water bungalow including May 16th 2021.
    Our daughter ❤ turns 16 and this is her birthday request,..,.,….,.,

    1. Pamela,

      We are simply an online guide to overwater bungalows and we don’t do bookings, but we do provide links to the best places to book each resort on the various information pages of the site. Best of luck! -Roger

  3. Hi,
    Looking for New Years deals after December 25th for 5-10days. Any suggestions on last min deals??

    Please let me know. Looking to book asap


    1. Yanna,

      We are simply an online guide to overwater resorts and we don’t do bookings. We do have booking links for every resort on the site, so booking online is usually your best bet. Best of luck with this. In normal years it would be impossible to get a last-minute deal over Christmas, but this year might be different. I’d check agoda.com as they almost always have the best rates in the Maldives. -Roger

  4. Any suggestions as to a nice place for an extended stay? Preferably on a beach, over water and food inclusive. I have heard a rumour about $30 k per couple for a one year stay…any substance to that? We don’t need a year,, but would certainly consider three to five months. We are retired, used to travel a lot, and have homes in Canada and Mexico. We are now a bit bored in Canada and Mexico is a bit dicey.
    Any deals?

    1. David,

      I’m not aware of any good deals on overwater bungalows in countries where you can stay for extended periods. The Maldives now has a deal for US$30,000 to stay in a water villa for a whole year, but I believe you can only stay 30 days at a time. It’s a really tough time for anything like this, and hopefully next year it will get better. -Roger