This week we are featuring a unique “couples resort” located on its own private island just off the coast of Belize. St. George’s Caye Resort has 6 over-the-water-cabanas, as they call them, which share a semi-circle pier out over the Caribbean sea. There are six other rooms located on the island itself and that's it, and if you have a group of the right size you can rent the entire island out yourself.

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This week: St. George’s Caye Resort in Belize

There are about 10 overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean up to this point, and so far every one of them is a small boutique resort, usually featuing excellent scuba diving. The St. George’s Caye fits that description perfectly, with an excellent location adjacent to the second largest coral reef in the world. This is a popular resort with divers, but it’s also great for any kind of tropical getaway.


One unique thing about this resort is that they don’t allow anyone under the age of 15, so obviously this is not a family resort unless your family is all adults. Being a small resort it seems a decision was made that allowing youngsters to run riot all over would spoil the romantic atmosphere that so many couples come for.


The St. George’s Caye Resort works on an all-inclusive basis with the room, meals, and even unlimited rum punch being included in the base price. The scuba diving is extra, which is true of other resorts in the region, and this makes sense because no one would want to pay a huge extra price if they only wanted a dive or two during their week-long stay.


It’s important to note that this resort is quite posh in many respects, with nightly turndown service and fresh juice included daily, but there are no TVs in the room so guests are meant to be spending time outside in the evenings or in restful solitude.

Great location for Americans and Canadians

Unfortunately, most of the Central America water bungalow resorts are located on hard-to-reach islands, which is also part of their charm in many ways. The St. George’s Caye Resort is also located on a private island, but it’s actually very easy to reach. It’s only 7 miles off the coast of Belize City, which has one of the largest and busiest airports in the region, with nonstop flights available from many large North American cities.


To reach St. George’s Caye you need to fly into Belize City International Airport where you’ll be met by resort staff. They will drive you to the nearest port to board their private speedboat for the quick ride to the island itself. Better still, if you are staying at least 4 nights the transfers are included for free with the room rate.

Price for St. George's Caye Resort

It’s not the cheapest resort in the region, but at US$486 per night per room all-inclusive it’s quite good value. Better still, if you are willing to come during the slow season (June through November) you can get the 4th night for free and the 7th night free as well. In other words, you can book a week and only pay for 5 nights, plus you get airport transfers free as well.

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      Almost all overwater bungalows can accommodate 3 guests and some can accommodate 4. The only that can accommodate 6 are a few ultra expensive 2-bedroom suites, and those are all much more expensive than booking two separate bungalows, unfortunately. -Roger

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