In the overwater bungalow scene there is no more popular topic than when Caribbean resorts will build the “honeymoon style” units to compete with those in Bora Bora and the Maldives. Though there are several resorts that claim to be in the process of building overwater rooms, currently there are only a select few that have actually succeeded in building them.

When in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, guests will find two overwater resorts nearby with each offering a Caribbean experience with a South Pacific twist. It's important to note that each resort offers different features and amenities, making it important to take a look at both in order to make sure you pick the right one for you.

Aside from these two, nearly all of the hotels with overwater bungalows in the Caribbean are diving resorts on islands just off Central America. Anyone looking for a real luxury experience in overwater bungalows over turquoise water will still need to head to Bora BoraMoorea, or the Maldives.

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El Dorado Maroma – Riviera Maya, Mexico

  • Overwater bungalows: 30
  • Total rooms/suites: 98


A long standing resort that now offers overwater rooms to enjoy, the El Dorado Maroma is one for the books. Here guests will find a large variety of resort features and amenities, each either helping you to find adventure during your stay or a little relaxation. Speaking of relaxing, each overwater room is adult only, helping to add to each room’s romantic vibe.


Each room also includes a private deck with wooden stairs that lead directly into the ocean below, a large bed, jacuzzi, mini-bar, outdoor shower and a large seating area. There’s also a glass floor cutout that allows you to view the underwater world from the dryness of your room. Outside of rooms, the resort offers restaurants, bars, a spa and fun water activities. Reviews are very positive, detailing each guest’s love for the resort.


Overwater bungalows starting at US$1,330 per night

>More information about the El Dorado Maroma – Riviera Maya, Mexico >Check rates

Rosewood Mayakoba – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  • Overwater bungalows: 18
  • Total rooms/suites: 128


In a luxury beachfront compound that has a championship golf course, the Rosewood Mayakoba Resort is one of the finest and highest rated 5-star resorts in Mexico. It has 18 Deluxe Overwater Suites that are perched over its mangrove lagoon, each with a plunge pool and an outdoor rain shower out on the private sundeck. The 110 additional suites are also large and luxurious, and the resort provides 24-hour personal butler service among its high-end amenities.


Easily one of the top rated resorts in all of Mexico, the Rosewood Mayakoba has a secluded beach, an infinity pool, a luxury spa, horseback riding, and even a “tequila library” to add in some local edge. The location is only about an hour south of Cancun Airport, so in addition to everything else, this is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest to reach overwater bungalow resort for most North Americans and even Europeans.


Overwater bungalows starting at US$1,878 per night

>More information about the Rosewood Mayakoba – Playa del Carmen, Mexico >Check rates

Overwater bungalows elsewhere in Mexico

We expect that in the coming years there will be a number of new resorts adding overwater bungalows to their Mexico properties, but at the moment there are none.

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      Almost all overwater bungalows can accommodate 3 guests and some can accommodate 4. The only that can accommodate 6 are a few ultra expensive 2-bedroom suites, and those are all much more expensive than booking two separate bungalows, unfortunately. -Roger

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