most people think of the South Pacific or French Polynesia the name “Tahiti” immediately springs to mind. While it is the most populated island by quite a bit, Tahiti isn't nearly as secluded or even exotic as many other smaller islands in the region. Moorea, for example, is a short ferry ride away, and it's smaller and more beautiful as well.

The main thing that Tahiti has going for it is that every flight into or out of French Polynesia goes through the main Tahiti airport, so it's a tranfer point for every guest, regardless of whether you are staying on the island or not. Also, the flights tend to arrive at odd hours, so some guests are more or less forced to stay on Tahiti on their first or last night.

(Interactive map below)

Fortunately, there are two overwater bungalow resorts on Tahiti itself, and both are quite close to the airport, and both are moderately priced. And as mentioned, you can take a ferry to Moorea if you are already in Tahiti, or a very short flight if you are just changing planes on the same day. And there are 4 excellent overwater bungalow resorts there, plus a more basic resort that claims to have invented the concept and still has amazing views.

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Overwater bungalows in Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora

There are 9 overwater bungalow hotels on Bora Bora itself, plus 3 others that are very nearby on adjacent islands. Those tend to be the most desirable in the South Pacific, although the 4 hotels on Moorea are generally in the same class for the most part as well.


We recently published a similar map of the Bora Bora resorts, and it’s actually part of the same larger map. So have a look at these resorts below and move the map to the northwest and you’ll find the Bora Bora resorts not too far away.

Interactive map of Tahiti and Moorea overwater resorts

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View South Pacific overwater bungalows in a larger map

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  1. Hello I love in Saint Petersburg Florida and I would love to get one of these for the week or the weekend I’m planning a wedding anniversary for me and my husband can you please give me more information on the cost

    1. Crystal,

      The advertised room rates are mentioned in the article, and there are booking links to the best place to book each of the resorts as well. You’ll get the most accurate information by clicking on those. -Roger