In celebrating their 10 year anniversary, the crowd favorite Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resort has announced that they are expanding the resort to not only house more land based rooms, but 6 overwater villas as well. This news is great for travelers eyeing the coastal town of Playa del Carmen as a future travel destination as they'll have even more room categories to select from.

But not only is the resort adding overwater villas to its list of room choices, but new resort features as well. One of these new features is a new Sands Beach Club which will include two oceanfront pools, dining options, and more. For more information about this resort expansion which is expected to be concluded sometime during the Spring of 2021, as well as other nearby resorts to look into, continue reading below.

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New overwater villas

Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort announced that they are unwrapping new accommodations, both on land and over the water. On land, the resort plans to craft 34 beachfront suites that each feature a private pool. Although this is exciting, what’s even more intriguing is the construction of 6 overwater villas that are posed to include open floor plans on 2 floors. The overwater rooms will be large as well, with the one bedroom villas spanning 2,385 square feet.

Within the overwater villas you’ll find a coffee and tea making area, floor to ceiling windows offering views of the ocean, an entertainment center, a king sized bed, and two separate seating areas. Outside of the rooms you’ll find a heated plunge pool, a small tropical garden, and an outside bathroom area.

Resort features and amenities

As the resort has existed for 10 years, there are already several amenities in place. The resort’s current expansion plan however, will not only update these existing resort features, but also increase their size. Though there is currently not a lot of information about the ins and outs of this expansion, we do know that the resort is renovating their Sands Beach Club to house two expanded oceanfront pools, a restaurant that is both outdoors and indoors, a Raw bar, spa facilities with ocean views, and a brand new Kid’s Club. An outdoor event space and a beachfront library are also in the works.

Activities and attractions in the area

Playa del Carmen, Mexico is a popular tropical destination not only because of its resorts, but because of the local attractions and sights. When staying in the area, you can easily choose to spend the duration of your vacation inside your resort, but if you decide to venture out, you’ll find lots of great things to do and see. Some of these activities include golfing, shopping, snorkeling the coral reefs, nightlife, and touring local cultural ruins.

Other overwater resorts to consider

If you are thinking of traveling to the region this year and rather not wait until the Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort expansion is completed, you’ll be happy to know that there are other overwater resort choices, one of which is all-inclusive. Click on the links below for more information on each resort.


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  1. With the price per night as low as it is, it will be a great stay in the Gecko there. Single bed and all nicely painted and over the water. We are looking forward to being there in December for Christmas vacation 2019. Blessings…