Because the Bahamas are considered a very easy to reach destination in the Caribbean, there are many travelers who ask whether or not this island chain harbors any overwater resorts. Unfortunately, the answer is no, but there is still some good news as there are some great overwater resort options that aren't too far away.

First off, water villas, or ‘overwater bungalows' as they are called in the South Pacific, can only be built over protected lagoons that don't have waves (or regular hurricanes) to deal with. The ones most of us dream about are over clear-water lagoons in a certain kind of volcanic island, and the Bahamas just doesn't allow for that.

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Water villas Nearest to The Bahamas

As you’ll see when visiting our main page that describes all the water villas in the Caribbean, most of these types of villas are found off of Central America. However, there are a few exceptions, with those being  Jamaica, Mexico, and Saint Lucia.

Overwater Bungalows in The Caribbean

You’ll want to check our main Caribbean overwater bungalows page for all the specifics, but to summarize, you’ll find:

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort – Montego Bay, Jamaica

This resort impresses as an all-inclusive, adults only resort that’s home to both land and overwater suites. You’ll also quickly note that this resort caters with a plethora of activities alongside dining options and much, much more. Each overwater room delights with its own private pool, as well.

>More information about the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sandals South Coast Resort – Jamaica

Another all-inclusive Sandals resort that can be found on the island of Jamaica, this particular resort conintues the notion of impressing with large overwater rooms, a sun deck with steps that lead into the ocean, and a private soaking tub for two. You’ll also find a very highly rated Butler Elite service here.

>More information about the Sandals South Coast Resort – Jamaica

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort – Saint Lucia

With 9 large and grand overwater bungalows to choose from, this resort which happens to be the only one of its kind on the entire island, also offers a spa, dining options, and more. The rooms themselves feature a Butler Elite service.


Cayo Espanto

Serving as a private island resort, this ultra-luxury escape is on its own island just off Ambergris Caye in Belize has one huge overwater bungalow, which rents for over US$1,500 per night.


Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco

Described as an all-inclusive resort in Cuba that offers 68 overwater rooms in 18 structures that are situated over a lagoon, this resort also caters with 182 rooms in its beach hotel.


Coral Lodge

A very small resort, guests here can find six overwater bungalows in a unique eco-resort off Panama.


Anthony’s Key Resort

Here, at this all-inclusive resort that set on a private island off of Honduras, you’ll find ten overwater bungalows that are just perched over the water’s edge.


Punta Caracol Acqua-Lodge

An eco-resort that sits just off of Panama, this resort caters with nine overwater bungalows that are run solely off of solar power. This resort invites guests to enjoy breakfast and dinner as part of the nightly rate.

>More information about the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort – Saint Lucia

The Best Water Villas in The World

If you are really searching for the finest water villas and overwater bungalows in the entire world,  you’ll need to head to the South Pacific or the Maldives, which is located just southwest of India. Between these two regions you’ll find about 90% of the world’s overwater hotel rooms, with over 60% of them residing in the Maldives alone.


Those in the Americas will find that the resorts in the South Pacific are both cheaper and faster to reach, while those in Europe should head to the Maldives.

South Pacific



Photo credit: Bahamas by Paul Schulz on Flickr

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