Moorea 5-star water villas with ocean access and spa for US$550 per night

Due to the size of Moorea, island guests will find all sorts of activities and adventures that are within reach of each and every single resort in the area. Instead of existing far away from everything else, each resort is balanced on the land itself or perched right offshore, allowing for easy access to everything available to guests on all four corners of the island. This means that each resort has to differ itself from the next via in-house amenities, making for quite the competition. This, however, is fantastic for potential guests and travelers have the advantage in that they get to choose exactly what type of vacation they’re seeking to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a vacation offering relaxation via a dip in the pool, a gentle boat ride and a spa experience, then the Sofitel Moorea la Ora Beach Resort is the perfect choice for you. It’s also the perfect choice for those seeking adventure filled days via snorkeling, scuba diving, wind surfing and more! With rooms starting at only US$550 a night for two people, the Sofitel Moorea la Ora Beach Resort is a great choice for both a romantic and activity filled South Pacific vacation.

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9 Best overwater resorts with glass floors

Overwater resorts now exist around the world with each offering their guests a little something different and unique. Not only does each resort offer slightly different amenities and views, but also charmingly decorated rooms with their own key features. Though many feature large 4-poster beds or a fully stocked mini bar, there are other resorts that take their overwater rooms to the next level. Impressing guests time and time again, these resorts use glass floors to gain interest.

Glass floors are a unique and interesting way to add a little entertainment into each room as guests gain a dry and safe viewing point into the world below them. Below you’ll find a complete list of 11 different overwater resorts from around the world that treat guests with glass floors in their over the water oasis.

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Maldives 4-star adult only water villas with golf course for US$542 per night

The Maldives, in all their glory, attract a variety of vacationers and travelers. From the romantically intertwined, to families with children of all ages to single and business travelers, the beauty of the islands welcome and invite all. Though the Maldives may be welcoming to all, that is not necessarily true about every traveler. Some visitors wish to spend time in a quieter setting, away from the running around of little children. For those travelers, there are some great resort options available.

One of those options is the Kuredu Island Resort, where guests will find adult only (18+) overwater rooms with great amenities and views starting out at only US$542 per night for two people. These 4-star rooms are a great choice for the romantically involved as each private villa is close to a number of restaurants, daily activities, resort amenities and much more.

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Bora Bora 3-star overwater villas along the beach for US$498 per night

With stunning views, mountain and seascapes, friendly people, intriguing culture and great seafood, Bora Bora has held its title as one of the planet’s most desired islands to visit for decades now, and it shows no sign of giving up its reign. Here guests will find an assortment of resorts to choose from, each offering a little something different, making for an easier time choosing the right one for you.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly resort that still provides great service, several amenities to choose from, dining options and a selection of outdoor activities, both land and sea, then you’ll find a friend in the Le Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora resort. With overwater rooms starting at just US$498 per night, you’ll find that a Bora Bora tropical vacation doesn’t have to eat up your life savings.

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Maldives 5-star all inclusive partially over water villas for US$1225 per night

Each and every Maldivian resort is different from the next. Some offer only beach side rooms, other incorporate over the water villas, and some yet like to mix things up a bit with a combination of both. Some take things even further with the addition of partially over the water villas that start off on the very edge of a beach and end with a wooden deck area over the lagoon. This option is great for those who rather not walk down a wooden pathway to their room and instead prefer to be closer to the main section of the resort while still experiencing an over the water South Pacific vacation.

With a mixture of all 3 types of rooms, along with a large amount of in house services and amenities, it’s no wonder that guests continually praise and visit the Lily Beach Resort & Spa. A 5-star resort catering to all types of travelers while offering an all-inclusive stay, this particular resort offers partially overwater rooms starting at only US$1225 per night for two people.

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About overwater bungalows and water villas

First introduced in the South Pacific only a few decades ago, the overwater bungalow is now one of the hottest trends in the resort world. Honeymoon couples have been staying in these iconic rooms since the beginning, but now they are popular with families and adventure travelers as well.

For many people, the South Pacific island of Bora Bora is the most famous destination for overwater bungalows, but it’s actually the Maldives, which is just southwest of India, where most of these huts-on-stilts exist. The Maldives has more than 80 resorts that feature water villas (as they are typically known there), with several new private-island resorts opening every year.

In the South Pacific you will find almost a dozen resorts on Bora Bora, another five on Moorea, and two on Tahiti that have over water villas. There are about 10 additional overwater resorts on other South Pacific islands stretching all the way to Fiji and New Caladonia.

There are also about a dozen overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean, mostly off the coast of Central America, with nearly all of them being diving-oriented “eco resorts.” But a few luxury overwater bungalows exist and more are being built on St. Lucia and other islands in the popular areas of the Caribbean, and this website will be the best place to look for information on all of them.