Maldives 5-star water villas with ocean access and a spa for US$458 per night

Tropical breezes, sunset viewing and an assortment of island activities that include a leisurely snorkel over a vibrant coral reef- these are all things you’ll find throughout the Maldives. In addition, these islands form an island nation known and widely praised for their resorts, rooms, reefs, fishing and once in a lifetime experiences. But because there are so many different resorts situated around the country to choose from, finding the best one for you might be a bit more of a task than you were expecting.

To help narrow down the field, those looking for a first class, 5-star experience complete with a spa, gym, pool, spacious rooms and an assortment of dining options at a fare price will find exactly what they’re looking for in the Veligandu Island Resort. This particular resort offers all this with rooms starting off at only US$458 per night for two people.

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Moorea 4-star water villas with a glass floor sea life viewing area for US$459 per night

A beautiful island surrounded by clear ocean with plentiful sea life, Moorea continues to serve as a top choice for travelers from around the world. This island allows guests to not only enjoy an overwater bungalow experience but also the availability of multiple land activities that are hard to find when staying on a far removed island elsewhere. In fact, guests on Moorea have access to the entire island, not just the property of their chosen resort. This means that your stay can be filled with shops, restaurants, excursions (both land and sea) and hikes to viewpoints.

Those who are wishing for all this at a lower price will find perfection in the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa where rooms start off at only US$459 per night for two people. This price allows guests to have a little more spending money to help them enjoy the many activities that Moorea proudly offers.

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Maldives 4 1/2-star water villas with ocean access for US$317 per night

Welcome to the Maldives! This low lying tropical nation is home to hundreds of islands, some of which are home to luxury resorts whose mission is to create the best island stay possible. Because of this, each resort actively competes with the next to attract visitors. Though this may cause more work for the resorts, this is fantastic for potential guests as you’ll be certain to get the best of the best when it comes to amenities, activities and service.

When choosing a resort, those who seek endless choices during their stay will find paradise in the Meeru Island Resort. Here guests will find countless amenities and dining options to enjoy, making each new day at the resort as exciting as the one before. Even better? All this can be enjoyed at prices starting out at US$317 per night for two people.

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Overwater bungalows in Montego Bay, Jamaica UPDATE: Opening soon

As the chorus of people hoping for real overwater bungalows in the Caribbean grows louder each year, it seems we may finally have some good news. According to at least one respected travel blog, the Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica will soon be getting 5 large and very luxurious overwater bungalows.

The rumor of this construction has been around for years, but we are told that actual construction (or at least pre-construction) has begun, and reports on TripAdvisor from recent visitors seem to confirm it. You may recall similar rumors about overwater bungalows at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort, but that project continues to be delayed for one reason or another. According to the new report, a Sandals executive announced ground-breaking on the Jamaica project within two months. [read more]

Bora Bora 5-star overwater villas with breakfast for US$1432 per night

Beautiful mountains, clear tropical waters, luxurious beach weddings, adventure and shark feeding are just a few of the more commonly associated praises when thinking of a Bora Bora vacation. Noted as one of the most popular tropical island destinations in the world, Bora Bora has been offering top-notch luxury vacations for decades. Here, you’ll also find a wide assortment of accommodation options, from beach bungalows to overwater bungalows with direct access into the ocean or lagoon below.

Those who are looking for a resort that caters with large overwater rooms featuring amenities galore, a spa, kid friendly activities, water sports and a nice selection of dining options will find exactly what they’re looking for at the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Here, guests will find spacious rooms with a view alongside free breakfast for two starting at US$1,432 per night.

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About overwater bungalows and water villas

First introduced in the South Pacific only a few decades ago, the overwater bungalow is now one of the hottest trends in the resort world. Honeymoon couples have been staying in these iconic rooms since the beginning, but now they are popular with families and adventure travelers as well.

For many people, the South Pacific island of Bora Bora is the most famous destination for the best overwater bungalows, but it’s actually the Maldives, which is just southwest of India, where most of these huts-on-stilts exist. The Maldives has more than 80 resorts that feature water villas (as they are typically known there), with several new private-island resorts opening every year.

In the South Pacific you will find almost a dozen resorts on Bora Bora, another five on Moorea, and two on Tahiti that have over water villas. There are about 10 additional overwater resorts on other South Pacific islands stretching all the way to Fiji and New Caladonia.

There are also about a dozen overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean, mostly off the coast of Central America, with nearly all of them being diving-oriented “eco resorts.” But a few luxury overwater bungalows exist and more are being built on St. Lucia and other islands in the popular areas of the Caribbean, and this website will be the best place to look for information on all of them.